Career Coach For Working Professionals In Bangalore

As a Career Coach for working professionals in Bangalore, I always found employees are in dilemma for their career, most of them are seeking advice to change career.Most of the times they either go for higher studies or change the branch/stream completely or start fresh before knowing that there are other options available.

I help corporate professionals to reinvent their careers, find their calling and life purpose. Now working as a Coach I am living my dream, immensely enjoying the work that I do and I have the freedom and flexibility that I always wanted. Most importantly every single day and with every single client I get opportunities to make a positive difference. Probably I am the only Career  Coach for working professionals in Bangalore who has been there and done that.

I find myself uniquely positioned to help working professionals who are successful but not happy in their work to reinvent their careers.  I work with young, mid-level as well as senior professionals who are looking for career change, career growth, or career reinvention.

Some of the reasons why professionals change or reinvent their careers:

  • No fulfilment in the current job/role
  • Too much stress at work
  • Looking to start something on your own
  • Want to pursue their passion

career coach for working professionals in bangalore


What benefits my Clients have achieved?

I have coached more than 70 people in last few years. Here are some of the benefits my clients have realized.

  • When they signed up for coaching they have already taken that first step which they always wanted to take. It boosts their confidence right at the beginning.
  • They developed clarity about what they really wanted.
  • They became more focused and committed. Their effectiveness and productivity improved significantly.
  • Started experiencing improved confidence, peace of mind, freedom, and self-expression.
  • Became happier and more content about their lives. Developed an attitude of gratitude.


How are sessions conducted?

Most of the time sessions are conducted telephonic, usually one hour call weekly or depending on your needs the schedule is fixed. In some of the cases, I do face to face consultations if they are required to do so.

If you are not happy in your job/career, don’t waste your time. Reinvent your Executive career coach in Bangalore, Redesign your life for more success and happiness.

If you are interested in creating breakthroughs in your career and life then feel free to reach out to me at



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