Life Coaching

Simple yet highly effective way to achieve your goals!

What are you looking for?

  • Improve your confidence in dealing with life situations?
  • Integrate your personal and professional life successfully?
  • Make your relationship work? Make them more meaningful?
  • Make rapid progress on your most important goals?
  • Find purpose in your life?
  • Change your nagging habits?

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What is Coaching?

It’s an equal and mutually respectful engagement between a client (YOU) and a Coach (ME). Coaching is a very special journey and relationship. The purpose is to help you achieve desirable results in your personal and professional lives. I coach individuals in improving performance, achieving results, thriving and taking your lives to the next level. This is achieved through various techniques mastered by me which typically involve building strong rapport, deep listening, guided questioning, intuition and constructive feedback with their client.

As a Coach I play various roles such as a sounding board where I listen and in your expression of ideas you start getting complete clarity. I also act as a Mirror where you can see yourself clearly and also your blind spots which were hidden earlier. I sometimes challenge you when I see that you are restricting yourself.

Essentially, I do everything to enable you to MOVE FORWARD.


Coaching is all about ACTION. Are you ready?

Coaching is all about ACTION and not about TALKING. In session 1, we start with Goal Setting and take your goals forward continually. We usually speak for an hour at a time. As coaching sessions are weekly, I will ask you to share how the past week was for you, how you dealt with any specific problems you faced, what you learnt from them, etc. We specifically discuss what actions you committed to in the previous session, whether you took those actions or not, how you feel now having (or not having) moved forward.

We revisit your goals and look at your progress and what could be the next steps you want to take (in the coming week) to move closer to your goals. Frankly speaking there’s a lot more that happens in a coaching session but the magic of coaching will be best experienced by you when you go through an actual coaching session.

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