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I got in touch with Hemant at a time when I had entered a new domain in my career and I was like a headless chicken trying to do all sort if things. Due to this I had more on my plate than I can eat.

Hemant proposed a path after finding out my strengths & weaknesses. It was a strategic approach hence I found out what I was doing wrong and what is it that I need to concentrate upon. Hemant is a good listener and an effective communicator. He channelized my thinking in understanding what I am good at than wasting time on what I am not good at.

At first I did go astray however due to the weekly connect I was able to assess my actions throughout the week and discuss with Hemant. Hemant always grounded me and helped me to focus on my goals. He is flexible with his schedule.

Hemant has a good sense of humour which lightens the conversation and makes it interesting.

Overall I have become a better individual in my career and personal life. All thanks to Hemant in helping me reinvent my career.


IT Project Leader, FIS Global

“Hemant is an excellent Coach. And for me a friend for lifetime, indeed.

As much as i have seen myself progress equally have i been able to witness his burgeoning dedication to be a better coach for me.

He himself took steps so as to make my coaching experience better. From Gentle reminders to short calls. Everything.

There is nothing that i did not discuss with him. Personal, family, career, spirituality and he has always lend me an insight that i took with myself.

The amount encouragement i received from him was everything.

There is a lot to learn and i know he is there for me, always!

Love you, Hemant.”

Ravina Singh

Young Explorer, Blogger

I have been doing a Full time job from more than 10 years. Since a year, I have been into new training field. I wanted to have clarity about what could I do in future. I also wanted myself to be more organized, but it had not been happening. I thought I must have somebody, some coach who will guide me and make me more accountable.

After my coaching with Hemant, within 2-3 weeks, I started working on my Beliefs as well as my habits. It worked very good for me. I found that the root cause was my limiting belief that “I am not good enough”, “Not accepting me fully”. This thought was like a breakthrough for me. I started waking up early and became more organized.

Definitely I gained more clarity and more confidence.

On scale of 10, I would give 9 marks on all the parameters to Hemant as a Coach. He is a very good listener. I learnt few Unique tools like “Benefits basket”, 3 steps, 6 daily questions to ask and many metaphors which were useful for my journey.

Surely I recommend Hemant. 100%, Because of the result I got from coaching. I came to know the root cause of issue and I am more clear on my goals now.

Hemant, thanks a lot for being my Coach. I highly recommend.


IT Project Manager, Cognizant

I approached Hemant when I was feeling very low and desperately in need of improvement in my career.

Through his coaching sessions, it made changes in my thoughts and beliefs. It improved my confidence level a lot.

Hemant as a Coach has great listening skills and is great at immediately finding root cause for the issue. Always spreading positive affirmations and statement to encourage others.

Hemant is a very energetic and skillful in handling people, very effective communication and his ability to understand client issues. He is able to give clarity about each question the client has.

I personally benefited and always recommend him as a career improvement coach.

Maagesh Elumalai

Manager , L&T Kobelco, Chennai, India

Hemant has been a wonderful coach. He is self motivated and always sees the bigger picture. He is great with his communication and very easy to connect with. He is very professional and understands the client needs well. As a coach he always exceeds your expectations. He is not only empathetic but he also knows how to break the barriers. Absolutely non – judgmental. I am very happy to be connected to Hemant.

Snehal Singh

Experienced Coach, Learning & Development, Talent Acquisition,Blogger

I started coaching with Hemant to be a life coach myself. I always knew that this was my calling in life but wasnt sure how i could fulfill my dream. Hemant was able to help me clear my head and help me chart out an action plan to follow my passion. His clarity of thought and simplicity of handling situations is something anybody facing any challenge in life can get great insights from. I believe we all have all the answers within us but we all need someone like Hemant to draw them out with his patient listening and be able to live the life of our dreams. Thanks to Hemant I have begun my own life coaching practice thereby helping people lead exciting and fulfilling lives. I’m glad Hemant is doing something that’s making the world a better place.

Don Rohra

Life Coach

Hi Hemant, Thank you for conducting coaching session for employees and real estate agents. This session would definitely help each participant to excel in their professional and personal life. The participants can achieve their goals step by step by applying those secrets of success which you have taught.

Vrushali Adhawade


I got in touch with Hemant while searching for a Life Coach and found him to be very passionate about his work but more than that he came across as very compassionate and understanding towards me and my concerns a quality which is highly appreciated.

He introduced me to an unique ‘psychometric test’ which is better suited to Indian professionals and I was very pleased with the discussion on this test.

I would highly recommend Hemant to anyone who wishes to get some help to sort things out in a very structured and unbiased way.

Varun Bansal

Senior Project Services/Control Professional, Oil & Gas Industry

Recently, I connected with Hemant in the coaching program 3 Secrets of Success. For me, it was a very good experience, had lots of thoughts exchanges, these sessions surely did allow to develop many thoughts about self-awareness, developing & changing habits, building relationships in life & career, re-look at the career at this juncture & think in altogether different direction. Hemant has very good style of communication, a good listener & is found to be passionate about coaching others. He displayed excellent patience to respond all queries of attendees. Program was designed very well, covering all aspects required, also conducted in very effective manner, with enough practical examples, apt conclusions. I wish Hemant very best as a coach & will recommend his services.

Manish Charankar

Program Manager (PMP)

Recently I had an opportunity to attend Hemant’s four week group coaching and this was an amazing experience. Those four sessions helped me realize that I had a goal, but that was not SMART enough. During the workshop Hemant helped me define my SMART goal and then we identified the blockers and how to get rid of those blockers. Now I have a clear vision, a defined goal and a path towards that goal.

Amit Jain, PMP

Project Manager, IBM India Private Limited

I had an opportunity to attend hemant’s Four week “Be at Best” group coaching program and this was an amazing experience. Those four sessions helped me realize that setting short term goals, changing Habits, working on self, helps me add more positive value in my work & most important it help me to setup the SMART goal & technique to stick to goals with Eating Live Frog Method. Now I have a clear vision, a defined goal and a path towards that goal. I recommended all my friends & family to go for it . It is worth to spend 10-15 hrs of session to stream line your goals with your progress.

Most important factor, I feel stress free in my work & my backlog of work reducing day by day.

Parag Khachane

Application Architect, IBM Global Services

Hemant leverages his multi-geographic experience in India, the USA and China and packages this with well organized research, into an excellent learning experience for committed individuals who are seeking to take themselves to the next level.

I joined a four week workshop with the aim of getting better at building and managing professional relationships. With help from his program, I was able to understand in more detail about goal setting, prioritization and time management, in addition to receiving feedback on improvement of relationship building. I was able to to implement the learning and get noticeably better within a month.

Will definitely recommend his services.

Govind Dutt Pullat

Data Solution Architect responsible for Data Strategy, An Insurance conglomerate

Hemant Deshpande had been my life Coach from 26th April 2016 for 8 sessions of one hour duration each week.I did not know what a life coach is until my nephew suggested that i engage a life coach as I was having issues with my son. I did not know how that was going to help and was skeptical, when i received a call from Hemant.

I must tell you that the coaching sessions had a really soothing effect on me, Hemant is a very effective communicator. He drives the point slowly and tactfully and makes you understand that your point of view is not the only correct one. He holds a mirror in front of you and makes you see clearly. He doesnt judge you at all.

He has done a great job of being my life coach. Thank you Hemant. All my best wishes to you..”

Meera Krishna

Housewife, Hyderabad

Hemant showed openness, willingness to share personal experiences and expression of personal vulnerability, which is a great quality for a Coach.

– Chenthil Iyer, CEO, Horus Financial Consultants 

Hemant has excellent style of program delivery and the way whole content was presented was excellent. He focused on real life examples rather talking theoretical, hypothetical etc.

– Abhishek Agarwal

Hemant has excellent listening skills. He listened to us, interacted and did not preach. Made us comfortable to share by opening up about himself first.

– Supriya Iyer

Hemant was very supportive of diverse views expressed during the session. He was fair and completely non-judgmental throughout the session.

– Suhas Harshe

Hemant has an excellent ability to explain things without being preachy and judgmental about views or people.

– Paresh Shetiya

Group Coaching Program

Directors and Consultants, Horus Financial Consultants

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