7 steps to choose…What do you want in 2016?

Not sure about what do you want in 2016? In your Career? In your Life? No worries.

You are not alone. We’ve all been there. It’s easy to get stuck and confused when none of your options stand out clearly.

One job has more interesting work, but the other job offers a better salary.

How should I prioritize my time and effort? Work, family, hobbies, social commitments?

Career change is on mind but not sure if it will work out?

The best options may be less than obvious and it drives you crazy. Sounds familiar?

Unfortunately, failing to make decisions in a timely matter can have negative repercussions.

For example, if you are bored and frustrated with your current job/career, what is the point in delaying your next move? Being in this kind of situation for long drains you off all your energy, enthusiasm and aliveness. Right?

These 7 steps will help you get closer to your decision:

1. Know your values. Those who are well in-tune with their values have a much easier time making decisions. It’s much more challenging to make a choice when you’re unclear and lack a stable view of yourself and what’s important to you.

2. Have goals. Goals are like magnets They will attract the things that make them come true. Does a particular possibility bring you closer to reaching your goal? The more your decisions are based around your goals, the more likely you are to accomplish them. Keep your goals fresh in your mind.

3. Collect the information you require. Wise decisions require good information. Most of us either fail to gather enough information or we’re forever stuck on this step. 

  • Knowing yourself and your goals can dramatically reduce the amount of time needed to navigate your information-gathering efforts.
  • To know yourself, scientific Psychometric tests can help a great deal. Because it all starts with Self Awareness.

Analyze the information but don’t get paralyzed, meaning don’t get stuck with this step. This is a great pitfall for many.

4. Examine your fear of failure. It’s common to shun actions that may result in failure. Ensure you’re not basing your decisions too much on the likelihood of success. 

  • Avoid allowing a little uncertainty to prevent you from fully living your life.

Talking about fear, you may want to read my blog on 8 ways to break the barriers!

5. Keep the long-term in mind. We overestimate the short term and underestimate the long term future. You may choose the easier option today with the intention of straightening things out down the road. However, it’s generally harder to change course once you’ve gained momentum.

On this point, you may want to read my blog on Midlife crisis? No, it’s a wake up call!

6. Consider the risks. Managing risk isn’t just for investments. All decisions carry some element of risk. Consider what’s at stake before making a final decision. Also consider that the biggest risk is not taking any risks.

7. Set a deadline. We’re all used to deadlines, whether they relate to a project at work or choosing a vacation destination.Give yourself a reasonable deadline and stick to it.

8. Choose. I am glad you are on the 8th step and the most important. If you’re still stuck after applying all the other suggestions, just choose something. All the options are likely to produce a similar outcome. Pick one and begin taking action.Failing to choose is choosing to fail. 

  • No progress can be made without a clear and committed decision. Even flipping a coin is infinitely more effective than failing to decide. Be confident and make a decision!

When you fail to decide what you want, you’re ultimately stuck with the simplest option available.

If you don’t make your own decisions, someone else will.

If you have been struggling with important life issues for long, like career change, business growth, self image and habits, relationships, I strongly recommend hiring a Life Coach.

A good Life Coach provides you with the necessary support to develop Clarity in your own mind, plan of Action, becomes your Accountability Partner,removes barriers by working with you on your Habits and Beliefs to achieve the Results that you want.

Now, what are you waiting for? 

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