8 ways to break the barriers!

Life is a game of possibilities, infinite possibilities. While you are reading this, just pause for a moment and think about all the alternate possibilities that exist right now to spend this moment.

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Deepak Chopra said,

You and I are essentially infinite choice-makers. In every moment of our existence, we are in that field of all possibilities where we have access to an infinity of choices.

Now, let us examine how well do we recognize these possibilities in our daily life? How open are we to look beyond the obvious? How alert are we even to realize that we have a choice?

Most of us have created for ourselves a pattern of living. It is our default mode of being, thinking and living. It is our own comfort zone. What we seldom realize is that it keeps us within the boundaries. It limits our possibilities. So, is there any way to break the barriers?

Here are some of the ways to break the barriers and create new possibilities:

1. Go beyond fear

False Evidence that Appears Real (FEAR). Fear gets in the way when we allow it to stop us from taking action and achieving something. It stops us from going out of our comfort zone. Except for the rare situations where there is a physical danger, almost always fear is “only a conversation in the mind”.

2. Go beyond limitations

Most of us have perceptions about self that are self limiting. Some people think they can never speak in front of a group or can never say “No” to their boss. On the other hand, for some other people these same things may appear as very easy. The trick is to become aware of our own thinking and imposed limitations.

3. Go beyond the past

This is a BIG one. Starting anything new, say searching for a job or starting a new business venture; many of us refuse to even start, thinking about all the failures that happened in the past. Yes, we need to learn from past mistakes but why do we need to pull the failures from the past and put them into our future? We all know – Past success does not guarantee future success then why should past failures mean future failures?

4. Go beyond excuses

You know what? I want to lose 10 kg weight but I am starting on that next month BECAUSE….Sounds familiar?

I bet you will be saying the exact same thing next month as well. Am I right?

I invite you to do a quick exercise(!). Write down your top 3 important goals which you are unable to achieve or where progress is slow. Then write down the excuses you are making. Do you see a co-relation?

By clearly setting your priorities and then acting on it in Here and Now helps more than anything else.

5. Go beyond what people would say

Just count, how many times we stop doing what we want to because we worry about what other people would say.

Early part of this year, I visited my cousin brother at Baroda and it was kite flying time. I am not an expert kite flyer but I still went ahead and enjoyed the game. I would have missed out on a lot of fun if I had worried about what people around would say.

6. Go beyond perceptions

Let us look at all our relationships, family, friends, colleagues and everybody else. Do we notice that we have created perceptions and views about each one of the persons around us? It does not matter good, bad or ugly. We always look at people through those lenses. To create new relationships or improve the existing ones we need to drop the lenses or filters and see people “as they are”. Easier said than done but definitely worth a try.

7. Go beyond rejection

I read somewhere – Rejection is God’s way of saying ‘Wrong Direction’. The key to go beyond rejection is not to take it personally. There are many reasons why rejection happens, and sometimes we don’t even know the reason or can’t find out. But one thing is for sure the reason is NOT – you are not good enough.

8. Go beyond strengths

Surprised? Have you observed, that sometimes your strengths keep you from fully expressing yourself? A friend of mine is a very logical thinker and is quite brilliant but is always in a serious mood. Even at a silly joke he would try and find logic. Does not work all the time.

In a nutshell, important thing is to realize these patterns. Now, do you want to go beyond current limitations and achieve better results in future? It could be a new job, promotion, new challenging assignment, something you always wanted to learn or do, make new friends and relationships, new goals and aspirations or anything else.

I invite you to identify which of the factors are stopping you and go beyond those to create new possibilities in your life.

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