If you are reading this, there is a very high chance that you started in the IT industry many years ago (like I did) when it was considered as a “Dream Profession”. The industry provided high pay packages, global opportunities and perks to die for. It was ALL GOOD and like a dream run.
And then came the series of global economic downturns, first in 2001-02 and then again 2008-09 and things slowly (but surely) started changing. Also thousands of IT Services companies competing in the marketplace. Many companies like IBM, HSBC and others had to lay off thousands of their employees (irrespective of their performance). The salary increments came down from high double digits to low single digits. Due to US political environment, the visas started becoming a challenge. All this resulted in more offshoring of projects and lesser onsite opportunities (or shorter).

Things became even more challenging for the mid-level managers with 10-15 years of experience who had initially grown very fast in their careers, now started feeling the heat. And the current reality is something like this:

Stagnation in Career – due to overall slowdown in the industry and also at the company level, promotions have become scarce and take much longer than before.
Pay hikes not much – certain companies actually skipped or delayed the pay hikes. Also there is a preference to give more pay hikes at junior levels than at middle levels (supply-demand dynamics).
Jobs became monotonous – more and more IT Maintenance projects meant that the job of project managers became that of “operations managers”. Over a period of time most of the managers lost interest in the job they were doing. No new learning.
Switching jobs is no easy – On one side there is a high demand for “hands on” technologists preferably with 3-7 years of experience, on the other side there were very few takers for middle level managers who had kind of “lost touch” with technology and programming skills.
Work-life balance missing – Long working hours, calls across time zones, project deadlines and pressure to perform takes away the juice out of life. The situation is even worse if both husband and wife are working.

Now, if you can relate to the situations above, you may say “yeah, all this is true but what can I do? I have EMI’s to pay and family to be taken care of”. Yes, all these are hard realities of life AND you still have a CHOICE to reinvent your career to make it more fulfilling. After all, we end up spending good 10-12 hours at work every day.

The next questions would be “What are my choices at this stage of my career?” The answer lies in EXPLORING the options (and there are many options out there) if you are really committed to REINVENT your career and REDESIGN your life.

Based on my own experience of switching my career from IT to Coaching & Training, I have developed the following process which more than 50 of my coaching clients have benefited from.

Career Assessment – Do a reality check where you are, what skills and experience you have, what is your PERSONALITY and is it helping you in your current job/career. After the first few years in our careers, what matters most is the personality and how you handle the situations in your job (including stress and relationships). I recommend an online Personality test which is a well proven scientific tool to KNOW YOURSELF better. Everything starts with self awareness.
Career Guidance – Along with the personality report you will also get a CAREER ALIGNMENT report which will help you understand what professions, occupations and roles are most suitable for you. It need not mean complete career switch in all cases, it may be a switch from one role to another in the same company or industry. For example, one of my clients working in IT MNC switched from managerial role to technology role of his liking. Career Guidance opens up multiple career options for you.
Career Planning – You will make a CHOICE based on your life situation, personal goals, career fitment and your aspirations. As a Coach I will help you develop clarity, explore options, chart out career development plan and support you to implement the ACTIONS (this is where RESULTS happen).

My Clients Have Realized Following Benefits:

  • Got complete Clarity about their future Career
  • Discovered different career options best suitable to them
  • Created a solid Action Plan
  • Took courageous steps to move rapidly towards the Goal
  • Living a life full of enthusiasm, purpose and happiness

And this works 100% of the time, no exception. Just check out the Success Stories from those who have undertaken these journeys with me.

The above mentioned three steps is a solid process and not an overnight flash. It requires commitment, dedication, consistent actions and patience on your part. Are you ready for it? If yes, I will be happy to offer you a 45 mins free exploratory session to get you started on your Career Reinvention journey.