Time for a Career Reinvention?

We all want to have a fruitful career that will make us happy. But the reality is that every career story is different. Some people find the perfect company to work with right away; others end up shifting from one company to the other as they try to find their spot. However, there are also situations when you end up needing to change your career. Is it a good idea and why should you do that?

I went through a career change journey a few years back when I switched from IT Manager profession to Coaching & Training.

You feel there’s nothing more to accomplish
There are times in your career when you feel there’s nothing more to learn or accomplish. Or there are not enough growth opportunities. If there are no more exciting challenges and you feel you already reached the top you can choose to stay there or focus on finding something else. A career change coach can help you acquire the results you want in such a situation.

Even if you worked a lot, the results are not pleasing you
Not every career is fulfilling. And sometimes you end up seeing that there’s not a lot of reward for your hard work and commitment. This is the time when you want to try out something new and more fulfilling. You can work with a career transition coach to try and find as well as enter a new career by putting in your effort in the right direction.

Your salary doesn’t make up for the emptiness you feel
A lot of people are afraid to change their workplace because they don’t want to lose their financial benefits. But the reality is that you should always change your job or career if that makes you unhappy. We have only one life, so we might as well do the stuff we love without having to worry about any financial strains.

The current tasks, skills, and responsibilities don’t define you
Some people choose a certain career thanks to peer pressure or job market situation at the time of starting out. But the reality is that you should ditch a career if it doesn’t make you happy. If the tasks, responsibilities, and stuff you learn is not defining you in any way, it’s a good idea to find something more meaningful. I call that as taking an Inside Out approach. There will always be mid-career challenges, but you should at least pick that career which defines your life.

You feel depleted and worn out
A fruitful career and a great workplace won’t make you feel like that. If you pour your entire heart and soul and you end up living just to work without feeling a sense of fulfillment, it’s time for your career change. You need to talk with a career transition coach and work closely with him to get the best results. It will be a great opportunity, in the end, so try to consider this approach.

A career reinvention is very important, and it can help you immensely in the long run. If you decide to switch to a new career, try to work with a professional who has been there, done that. Sometimes transitioning to a new career may be a daunting task. Which is why hiring a career change coach is great, as he can help you make the process fast, convenient and rewarding!

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