My Story

After working in the IT industry across the globe for more than 18 years, I realized my real calling to Coaching & Training. The journey started with introspection of my own life, purpose, priorities, point of views, and relationships; clarity started emerging slowly but surely. It became clear to me that real joy and fulfillment is present when I am contributing to making a positive difference to people around me including my clients. That’s when I took the courageous step to transition from corporate career to become Coach & Facilitator full time. Was it easy? No way, especially when I was the only bread winner in the family of four with a 2 yr old son and old parents. I was fortunate to find the right guide, family support and my own burning desire to make it happen. That’s when I decided to coach and guide other people who are looking for career reinvention and career transition.

I  truly believe that every human being has tremendous potential and I have taken on to ignite the spark through my work of Coaching & Facilitation. It gives me immense satisfaction when I help people find purpose of their life so that they can live a life of purpose.

Education & Certifications

I am an Electrical Engineer by qualification (1997) from Pune University. Received my Executive Coaching certification from CCA, Canada and achieved my ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credentials which is a global standard in Coaching. I am also a certified NLP Practitioner from NFNLP, USA and use powerful NLP techniques in my work.

My Tagline – Reinvent Your Career, Redesign Your Life

I help my clients find their true strengths, interests and passion using scientific tools, templates and highly proven processes. And then help them find the right direction and choices in their careers. Most of my clients have been at their mid-career stage and looking for more meaningful work choices than working just for money. I call this as Purpose driven work-life.

Career Reinvention is a transformative process and helps you find the lifetime of Satisfaction and Success. Guaranteed!

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