Our Team

Hemant Deshpande
Coach Hemant Deshpande

After working in the IT industry across the globe for more than 18 years, I realized my real calling to Coaching & Training. The journey started with introspection of my own life, purpose, priorities, point of views, and relationships; clarity started emerging slowly but surely. It became clear to me that real joy and fulfillment is present when I am contributing to making a positive difference to people around me including my clients. That’s when I took the courageous step to transition from corporate career to become Coach & Facilitator full time. Was it easy? No way, especially when I was the only bread winner in the family of four with a 2 yr old son and old parents. I was fortunate to find the right guide, family support and my own burning desire to make it happen. That’s when I decided to coach and guide other people who are looking for career reinvention and career transition.
I truly believe that every human being has tremendous potential and I have taken on to ignite the spark through my work of Coaching & Facilitation. It gives me immense satisfaction when I help people find purpose of their life so that they can live a life of purpose.

Education & Certifications

I am an Electrical Engineer by qualification (1997) from Pune University. I received my Executive Coaching certification from CCA, Canada, and achieved my ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credentials which is a global standard in Coaching. Being a certified NLP Practitioner from NFNLP, USA, I use powerful NLP techniques in my work. I am also a Certified Strengthscope Practitioner helping my clients discover their Strengths in a scientific way.

Coach Prasad Palav
My Bio

I am a Leadership, Executive and Organization Developmental Coach with a distinguished 19+ year career in Banking and Non-Banking Financial Institutions like ICICI bank and Standard Chartered Bank, India and Singapore. My passion for developing and flourishing people and seeing them grow, drove me towards becoming a Leadership and Executive Coach with Certifications from Neuro-Leadership Institute, Symbiosis Coaching Institute, USA and Hogan Assessments. I have completed my Associate Certified Coach Certification through International Coaching Federation. I am a Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner (NLP). In my 19 years of corporate experience, I was primarily responsible for creating strategies to drive growth and manage service delivery operations across Rural and Urban India, Creating Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Platform for ASEAN, MEPA and AME region. I have a proven track record of leading large teams across multiple locations and enhancing performance of customer experience teams

My Philosophy of Coaching
My philosophy and belief of coaching is to listen to my client as a whole being without any judgments, to help them maximize their potential, and in that process, enable them with new thinking, new beliefs and new habits so that they can accomplish their dreams and find their true purpose. I firmly believe that that everyone has the power within them to change and improve. My strengths as a coach are to Listen deeply, observe patterns and use my intuition to give direct feedback and ask questions that will shift their thinking and push them to take actions which they wouldn’t have taken otherwise.
Coach Meera Singh Rawat

Meera Singh Rawat is an ICF- PCC certified coach for Executive and Leadership development. She specializes in coaching clients throughout different phases of their job search journey and has extensive experience in developing individuals for high performance. Having worked in the corporate Banking / Financial Services with global clients makes her culturally astute. Meera is a Certified DISC practitioner and is adept at understanding behaviours and helping teams to drive with their highest potential. She brings live wire energy to her engagements through real life examples delivering a holistic experience. Having worked for close to 2.5 decades in the corporate world including at the C suite level – gives her an edge of having a business mindset with shareholder value at the heart of everything that she does – Begin
Meera’s philosophy on coaching:
Coaching helps you to understand the co-relation between your Mindset – Behaviours and Outcomes. We all have the power and potential to explore new horizons and achieve enduring change, So, let’s meet where you are at and partner together to reach where you want to be.

Coach Aparna

A behavioural trainer-facilitator and a coach with a reputation of being a people’s person and an enabler in discovering your inner self, I bring forward the lessons learnt from my 23+ years experience in developing and transforming team behaviours. My passion is to help talented professionals improve their performance and productivity through systematic behavioural change.

I have been employed earlier in operations, training & business consultancy areas in the Financial Services & Insurance domain, primarily in client facing roles. During this time I was fortunate to build business units, domain practices and training competencies within large service organisations. I have mentored teams to enhance their performance and unleash their creative/innovative skills.

Since 2016, I have moved into the world of understanding human behaviour from a deeper level. I’m a ICF ACC certified coach and my specialisation is in helping people identify and achieve their personal goals by coping with their current issues that are causing them distress, anxiety and stress. I take great pride in the progress and success of my clients.

Some of the outcomes reported by my clients are –

  • • Clarity about strategy
    • Improved resilience, self-confidence, and performance
    • Resolution of challenging relationships
    • Improved team culture
    • Greater emotional intelligence
    • Increased political astuteness
  • My philosophy is that true change will happen only when it comes from within. So I facilitate people to learn, guide and coach them, into understanding new things, experiencing love from people and changing their lives along the way.

    Connect with me to know more about how I can help you in your career transition.

    Coach Abhijit

    “I work with early to mid-stage professionals and students to help them overcome career-related challenges and achieve specific goals. The challenges include bringing clarity on potential career selection, mid-career change, overcoming challenges in current work organisation and potential to convert passion into career. I believe that each of my clients has real untapped resources (internal and external) and positive intention, through which he/she can bring in intended change by doing the best in every situation.

    When I coach, I leverage my 15yrs career in financial services and audit, spent in working with MNCs like DBS Bank, Lehman Brothers, Nomura Securities and PwC. Having seen my career and those of various colleagues around me go through challenges, I strive to impart my insights in overcoming the challenges faced by my clients. I work on increasing the awareness of my clients, both at internal and external levels and finding their motivation to commit to an action plan to achieve their career goals. My core values – Empathy, Courage & Commitment – have helped me learn and improve with every client, every assignment, every coaching hour. I have coached professionals from organisations like DBS Bank, TCS and guided students from institutes like SPJIMR, NMiMS and new-age IIMs like IIM Nagpur & IIM Jammu.”

    Shyam Kalle

    I worked earlier, in the IT Industry for over 27 years in premier IT Organizations in various Management and Leadership roles. During this time, I often felt the familiar pangs of emptiness where I felt my growth was stifled and something was missing, and I was confused and ‘stuck’. On deeper self-reflection, I looked at my strengths which were –  people connect, networking, empathy, and emotional intelligence, and I realised that these were some of my key strengths which I had never considered before. So after careful evaluation, I decided to invest some time and money in my career growth and transition, and worked towards re-skilling myself in coaching, NLP, and various other modalities that established me as mid-career transformation coach and a life coach. What I initially started as an interest and hobby, later became a passion to help people in the corporate and business world to help them enhance their skills and potential, and transform the way they think and perceive the world around them. I quit my Corporate job and moved to a full-time Coaching Career that has given me great fulfilment and satisfaction over the past so many years. “YOU ARE ALWAYS MORE THAN WHAT YOU THINK YOU ARE” is a favourite phrase that I carry with me, which I firmly believe in, and apply to everyone. I have been coaching several working professionals ranging from senior leaders to very very senior professionals across different industries using a structured way to systematically analyze what they are looking for, where they are currently ‘stuck’, help them to self-reflect, and finally get them into action.

    I am also the Author of a successful book available on Amazon “The Unbound Transformation – for personal success and excellence”, an ICF certified Career and Performance Coach, a NLP Master Coach and Trainer (certified by ICTA – International Coach & trainers’ Association, Europe), a certified Enneagram Practitioner from ICTA. I’m also a guest lecturer at the Bombay University for one of their MA programmes.

    Amit Sood

    For 25 years I worked in leadership positions with multinationals at the international level in the automobile, industrial, construction and agricultural equipment manufacturing and education sectors. I led business development teams at TEREX, CLAAS, JCB, TELCO (now TATA Motors) and TIL LIMITED. At these companies, I managed sales, marketing, after-sales service and distribution development at various levels.

    At the height of my career, I found myself praying for clarity, purpose or meaning and an exciting new, worthy goal that could instil a new passion and create a possibility of fulfilment for my life. That is what brought me to coaching.

    I trained in the ‘Fulfilment Model of Coaching’ by Peter J. Reding, MCC. Apart from this, I trained in two dozen leading programs over the past decade, on Life and Career-design topics such as enhancing performance, business growth strategies, digital technology, development of fulfilling relationships, and spiritual discovery.

    Since then, I have coached and trained a number of business leaders, professionals and senior coaches.

    Even the best of us can feel overwhelmed while tackling the demands of a rapidly ascending career, business, and personal challenges that life throws at us. As your coach, I have the vantage point of making the journey with others who have faced similar challenges, retained their will to excel, and made it. Moreover, a coach can see what is possible for you, even when you can’t. I can help you design your unique, and inspiring dream, work with you to do what it takes to realise it and support you in becoming who you must be to win at the next level of life.

    Sujatha Jain

    Sujatha Jain is an Entrepreneur (leading a co-working space) and a Human Resources professional with more than 20 years of experience. She started her career as part of the Corporate HR team of DSP Merrill Lynch and GE Countrywide where she trained in global HR best practices and built great relationships in the Financial Services sector. Thereafter, she began her independent stint with a focus on HR Consulting and specialised Executive Search.

    An Associate Certified Coach (ACC) from ICF,  she is uniquely positioned to coach executives given her background as an entrepreneur and executive search consultant. Her Unique Value Proposition includes:

    • As an Executive Recruiter – a deep understanding of personal and career challenges faced by professionals at middle & senior levels.

    • As a CEO/ Founder – a first-hand appreciation of unique deliverables that leaders have to fulfil regularly in order to be successful.

    She loves the fact that through her coaching sessions, she is able to offer her client a confidential space and presence that can help him/ her reflect deeply within to create awareness of their own inner self. What makes you happy is truly your secret and Sujatha’s only pursuit is to assist you in uncovering it – whether it be roadblocks/reflections on professional or personal issues . She believes you have all your answers right within you and her role is that of a catalyst, stimulating the wonderful process of uncovering those life-affirming answers through reflection.


    “It isn’t therapy, and it isn’t talking to your best friend. To me, coaching is about helping people work powerfully through issues that are bothering them, that they keep getting stuck in their own heads with. It is helping them sort out through the noise and get to what’s really important in the equation of their own life. It is all about Absolute Human Fulfilment.”

    Our Promise – Reinvent Your Career, Redesign Your Life

    We help our clients find their true strengths, interests and passion using scientific tools, templates and highly proven processes. And then help them find the right direction and choices in their careers. Most of our clients have been at their mid-career stage and looking for more meaningful work choices than working just for money. We call this as Purpose driven work-life.
    Career Reinvention is a transformative process and helps you find the lifetime of Satisfaction and Success. Guaranteed!

    Are you interested in reinventing your career? If yes, click here for a complimentary coaching session with us.