Coaching helps enhance self-awareness in many ways. Let me share with you a recent example.

I have been coaching a senior corporate leader on his leadership development journey.

As part of his action commitments he has taken up daily self-analysis where he reviews his entire day in the evening and asks himself a couple of questions.

What did I do well today?

What can I do better tomorrow?

In our coaching session a few days back, he said, “Hemant, I discovered something amazing about myself.” I asked, “And what is that?” He said, “I became aware that I have not been reading much these days. Till a couple of years back, I used to read books regularly and now there is a long break. I was wondering what happened and I found my answer in a very surprising way.” Now, I could not wait to hear the next part of his story.

He continued, “The only time I get to relax or read is typically at the end of the day before going to bed. We changed the room interiors & lighting a couple of years back and now I find the light too low for me to read and hence slowly I stopped reading without me even realizing. With the inquiring mind, there, right there, I found the reason of me not reading much these days. Ah, that was like an “Eureka” moment for me. I am going to fix the lighting in my room, buy a bunch of books and start reading from next week.”

His face was glowing with happiness and enthusiasm.

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