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Since 2015, we have helped hundreds of senior professionals create career road map, reinvent their careers, find their Strengths, make big career changes, follow their passion, find clarity & develop confidence, and most importantly find their happiness and fulfillment.

  • Career Change

    Whether it’s exploring your current options, developing a career plan, preparing for a promotion, a change within your industry or a total career change, we can help you clarify exactly what you want and help you make the change.

  • Career Growth

    If you are feeling saturated in your current role or if you think you have hit the glass ceiling or finding it hard to differentiate yourself at workplace, we can help you find new approaches, new thought processes to create breakthroughs in your career.

  • Follow Passion

    You want to follow your heart, pursue your passion but not sure how to go about it or if you are anxious about how it will work out, then who better to talk to than the one who has been there and done that successfully.

  • Career Assessment

    In case you are confused if you are in the right career, role aligned to your Strengths and interests, want to find out if there is a better career out there which can give you more happiness and success, then we can help you figure that out quickly & accurately.

Whom Do We Coach?

We work with senior working professionals, Managers, Senior Executives, Leaders typically with more than 8 years of experience who are successful and yet looking at taking their careers to the next level.
We only work with those senior professionals who are committed to creating new possibilities in their career and life.

Top 10 reasons why people approach us:
  • Finding it difficult to balance work-life
  • Struggling to grow in their mid-careers
  • Looking at Reviving their careers
  • Fed up with corporate rat race
  • Want to follow their heart and passion
  • Career assessment and career planning
  • Finding it too difficult to manage stress at work
  • People looking for Job Search Strategy
  • Women who want to re-enter the corporate world after a break

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Client Success Stories

Clients Speak...

Success Stories

Hemantji is a soft-spoken man with excellent listening skills & a perfect mentor. He guided me very systematically and helped me realize my true strengths, personality traits, skills, interest areas & helped me formulate a vision for my new role. I feel truly empowered after attending his sessions. Moreover, all this analysis was supported by various well researched scientific tools which further increased my confidence in the outcomes attained. I very strongly recommend Hemantji if you want to prepare yourself for the new career areas you wish to move into. I wish him all the very best for being an effective enabler in transforming the lives of so many people by helping them realize their true potential & natural talents.

Dr. Amik Garg
Director at KIET Group of Institutions, Delhi

Hemant, A Big Thank You for the Career Coaching session series you designed and conducted for me.

It was an unbelievable experience….almost miraculous if I may say so…to get a such clarity in my thought process to achieve my Life Goals.

After having around 20 years of experience and currently working at senior management position I was sort of grappling with the way forward to achieve a balance between reaching to the Top management while maintaining a good work life balance.

Your coaching helped me to establish a link between ‘What I want’ and How to get what I want’ with the help of simple, step by step approach and powerful techniques.

It would be my pleasure to recommend you as one of the best coaches and I wish you all the very best !!

Omkar S. Phatak
Principal Consultant at Infosys Technologies Ltd., Pune

Hemant is my career coach and mentor, he is guiding me towards achieving my goals. Six months back i was worried about some decisions which i took and their consequences did not went well with my desired career goals. Hence i decided to look for a mentor who can help me in understanding these issues and guide me towards achieving these goals. After searching online i found Hemant’s website and I raised a query to inquire more about Hemant’s work and how he can help me with the current situation. After having an in depth conversation with Hemant i was assured that i can learn a lot from Hemant’s experiences and this could help me in making better decisions in future. We started with sessions focusing on my current situation, area of interests, and my desired professional goals. We started making yearly,semi-annually, quarterly plans in order to proceed towards achieving my goals.

These sessions were insightful and they compelled me to learn more about myself. I got better understanding of my thoughts and actions which eventually helped me in making better decisions. Additionally, it altered my attitude towards my profession, i started doing work more dispassionately which helped me in building effective relationship with peers and clients. I started realizing that some of the key issues which i am facing can be easily dealt with. Hemant help me with getting a clearer mind, reducing work related stress and gaining more happiness in general. I will recommend Hemant as a coach/mentor to anyone who is stuck or struggling with current situation and is keen to improvise the situation. Hemant has a wide variety of experience in the IT sector and i am sure you can learn a lot from it.

Anurag Asthana
System Analyst at Hexaware Technologies

I was at the crossroads of my mid-management career… struggling with stagnancy, lack of challenging projects, clueless about the growth path…I was looking for some guidance to help me decide the way forward and formulate the roadmap. I started research on the Internet for career counselors, and came across Hemant’s profile – a mid management career counselor (https://hemantdeshpande.com/how-coaching-process-works/). I was quite impressed with the scientific and systematic approach towards career transformation.

I enrolled for the 12-session transformation journey. My primary goals were to identify the options for my professional growth and how to achieve that. The journey started with the identification of my professional needs, followed by SMART goals. The next step was to identify my strengths using psychometric tests – this was perhaps one of the most insightful sessions where my inherent strengths were unearthed that not helped me understand myself but also build self-confidence. In addition, my skills were identified through my career chronology. Post this, based on my values, wants and ethics (unearthed through scientific assessments), I could explore external and internal career growth options. I have shortlisted the top 3 and as per the transformation model, built the 30-, 60-, and 90-day plan to achieve the identified career goals as well as tackle roadblocks.

These 12 sessions have helped to unveil a ‘new me’!! Each session was an opportunity to introspect and find out more and more about myself and my strengths, skills, needs, etc. and chart out the growth path. Never in my career had I so scientifically and objectively formulated the growth path.

Hemant, as a coach, during these 12 sessions played the role of a perfect facilitator! The best part is he always encourages the participant to ‘own’ each session and ‘drive’ the sessions basis the goals identified in the beginning. Hemant’s rich professional experience makes the sessions very insightful – providing objective and practical solutions/perspectives. His positive approach reflects in the insights and solutions he provides.

Thanks Hemant for devising such a wonderful career transformation model!! I am sure many, like me, stuck in the mid-career maze, will find the ‘right way’ with your amazing guidance! Best wishes!!

Moushumi Saha
Unit Manager at MetLife

Hemant, as a mentor and coach, your help to identify my personality traits and other career aspects was simply superb. After each session with you, I feel more confident and get more positive energy to reshape my career in a better way.

Overall, you have been a great mentor/coach and I always feel great during and after having sessions with you.

Thank you for being part of my professional life as a coach and to guide me on my different career aspects.

- Project Manager, Accenture, who wanted to Reinvent his career after 17 years of experience

It was wonderful talking to Mr.Deshpande.

He gave me roughly about 30 minutes time, trying to understand my passion and interests, and curious he was to delve deep and ask me questions that made me question my inner soul.
I was convinced towards making up my mind and choose the path that would help me fulfill my dreams.
There are dilemmas in life, and at times, you need some “Guru” to show you the light in the midst of the dark.

My sincere thanks to Mr. Deshpande for helping me out.

- Subhanan Dey
Senior Manager (Branding), Indorama Group

I worked with Hemant for achieving my career goals. He is a mentor and coach for me. The unique way in which he helped me find my actual goals and career goals was amazing. After each and every session I felt more empowered and was able to put aside my fears. Due to Hemant’s coaching, I actually found out where my liking is and gave me that power to make positive decision for my personal and professional growth.
His distinct way of asking questions helps you find answers which are hidden within ourselves, is awesome! Hemant is a fabulous coach and go-to-person for all professionals in crisis!

Rasika Upasani
Technical Specialist, IT MNC

Hemant’s help has been instrumental in helping me finding the direction in which I want to take my career. I have 10 years of experience in IT industry and was at a place where I knew a need a change but was not sure what? Hemant is very patient and always understood what I wanted to say. He is very motivating and finds simple and easy ways of saying things. His experience in the Industry helps him in relating to the situations and advising accordingly. If you are looking for coaching at this stage in your carrier, it very difficult to find someone with maturity to guide you: and that’s where Hemant’s experience comes in. The exercises and assignments shared during the coaching period, really help you in understating your capabilities and interests. I am very thankful to Hemant for all his guidance and support.

Isha Gurnani
Principal Consultant at Oracle

I always look forward to meeting you. You are like a battery charger for me. You put in a lot of positive energy in me every time we meet. Your inputs before my promotion panel interview – Think beyond self, Think beyond role and Think for the organization, helped me immensely in doing well in the interview. I got the promotion. Thanks for your coaching!

Swaminarayan (name changed for confidentiality)
Purchase Head, Construction & Engineering, Southern India Region, large business conglomerate

I signed up for career coaching with Hemant Deshpande as I was looking for guidance around career growth, to get clarity about the path to follow to accomplish future short-term goals.
While getting coached by Hemant I got better clarity about the career path to follow in future. Changed my attitude about starting a conversation and making new relationships at work.
I started expressing my opinion in group confidently, making new friends in office, giving more focus to gain domain knowledge.
Through the coaching sessions and Personality report and Career mapping report I got to know about my strength and weakness and how to make use of the strengths in a better way.
I also created a powerful action plan – to accomplish my career goals by doing certification in Oracle, self-learning of DBA skills, gaining more domain knowledge and Agile certification.

Rani Thomas
IT Professional, Mumbai

Before taking coaching sessions, I was confused about my career choices. I had so many doubts about career choices but after meeting him, I got many of my doubts clear. While going through the coaching sessions I felt positive and confident. Coaching process was good. The time management for sessions was also very convenient. He has good listening skills, and he can understand our situation very well and provides good sources of information. I Recommend all to take coaching sessions from Hemant.

Neha Patil
Software Professional, Pune

I find it very positive when I speak to Hemant and his views on life are very motivating. He is such a good listener that sometimes just sharing the areas of concern with him reduces the stress for me.
Hemant, you have been a real mentor who never restrict himself when it comes to giving advice on challenges on both professional and personal front. I have learnt many things about myself through your analysis. I feel great during & after these sessions.

Sangeeta (name changed on request)
Manager, Capgemini, Delhi

My coaching sessions have been real eye openers for me. The self-introspection really helped me to understand myself better and also look at things from other people’s perspective. Neurological model was great to find out who exactly I am
Made peace with my past. I never knew it was so important. But with these sessions I came to know its importance and after doing that there was a sense of satisfaction, relief. It was like closing the long open chapter of past.
Started accepting the people the way they are. It’s very difficult though but yes due to these sessions at least I could figure this out and slowly working on it.
Have started handling my anger. Hemant suggested to use visual reminders such as images and wallpapers which helped me a lot. This has given me another perspective which I was not able to look at when I used to get angry.
My goals are now much clearer to me.
Most importantly, I have started living my life instead of focusing on others.
Superb. Simply superb.

Rachana (name changed on request)
Project Leader, IT Company, Pune

After having to downsize my business that I ran for 10 years I was feeling very low and confused. I had concluded that I wasn’t very keen to continue with the same business and since I wasn’t clear about any other business I could do I began job hunting. But my job search wasn’t whole hearted and I guess that was the reason why I didn’t see too much success also with it. It was around this time that I felt I needed someone who could help me unravel the career conundrum I was in.
Luckily through Linkedin I was able to find Hemant’s profile. I got to know more about his services through his website & I got in touch with him on the phone immediately. I remember I spoke to 2 other coaches also at around the same time. But what got me to go with Hemant was the system suggested by him which I found practical and also his assuring words during the first conversation that sealed it for me. I was clear that I wanted to engage Hemant to help me with kick-starting my career.
At this point although I had read about coaching & what it is & isn’t I hadn’t actually experienced it at all. Luckily Hemant was thorough on that front & educated me about it. After getting to know about my story Hemant helped me by engaging some tools and having detailed discussions about the outcomes from it. This exercise helped me understand about myself better in terms of my strengths, skills & so on.
Thus started the exploration about what I could do next from those outcomes. At around mid-point of the engagement I knew what I could do next. The rest of the engagement was exploring on that & getting to action on it.
Hemant has a talking to a friend like approach as his coaching style. He would also always call on dot at the agreed time which suited me best as I would also be ready by then. He was also appreciative & encouraging about the efforts being taken by me. This would help me stay the course & act on the action steps. Also a couple of times when I missed on completing my action steps Hemant diligently pointed those out too getting me to promise revised dates by when I would complete them. This approach helped me as well.
Today I would confidently recommend Hemant’s coaching to anyone who is feeling stuck & confused about their career.

Avinash (name changed on request)
Business Owner transitioning into Life Coach, Bangalore

Happy to let you know that recently during the annual conference I was recognized 5 times for my achievements at work. This wouldn’t have been possible without Hemant’s guidance. A few months back, I got in touch with Hemant at a time when I had entered a new domain in my career and I was like a headless chicken trying to do all sort if things.

Hemant proposed a path after finding out my strengths & weaknesses. It was a strategic approach hence I found out what I was doing wrong and what is it that I need to concentrate upon. He helped me channelize my thinking in understanding what I am good at than wasting time on what I am not good at. Thanks to the weekly connect I was able to assess my actions throughout the week and discuss with Hemant. He always grounded me and helped me to focus on my goals. Hemant has a good sense of humor which lightens the conversation and makes it interesting.

Overall I have become a better individual in my career and personal life. All thanks to Hemant in helping me reinvent my career.

IT Project Leader, FIS Global

I have been doing a Full time job from more than 10 years. Since a year, I have been into new training field. I wanted to have clarity about what could I do in future. I also wanted myself to be more organized, but it had not been happening. I thought I must have somebody, some coach who will guide me and make me more accountable.

After my coaching with Hemant, within 2-3 weeks, I started working on my Beliefs as well as my habits. It worked very good for me. I found that the root cause was my limiting belief that “I am not good enough”, “Not accepting me fully”. This thought was like a breakthrough for me. I started waking up early and became more organized.

Definitely I gained more clarity and more confidence.

On scale of 10, I would give 9 marks on all the parameters to Hemant as a Coach. He is a very good listener. I learnt few Unique tools like “Benefits basket”, 3 steps, 6 daily questions to ask and many metaphors which were useful for my journey.

Surely I recommend Hemant. 100%, Because of the result I got from coaching. I came to know the root cause of issue and I am more clear on my goals now.

Hemant, thanks a lot for being my Coach. I highly recommend.

IT Project Manager, Cognizant

I approached Hemant when I was feeling very low and desperately in need of improvement in my career.

Through his coaching sessions, it made changes in my thoughts and beliefs. It improved my confidence level a lot.

Hemant as a Coach has great listening skills and is great at immediately finding root cause for the issue. Always spreading positive affirmations and statement to encourage others.

Hemant is a very energetic and skillful in handling people, very effective communication and his ability to understand client issues. He is able to give clarity about each question the client has.

I personally benefited and always recommend him as a career improvement coach.

Maagesh Elumalai
Manager , L&T Kobelco, Chennai, India

Hemant showed openness, willingness to share personal experiences and expression of personal vulnerability, which is a great quality for a Coach.

– Chenthil Iyer, CEO, Horus Financial Consultants

Hemant has excellent style of program delivery and the way whole content was presented was excellent. He focused on real life examples rather talking theoretical, hypothetical etc.

– Abhishek Agarwal

Hemant has excellent listening skills. He listened to us, interacted and did not preach. Made us comfortable to share by opening up about himself first.

– Supriya Iyer

Hemant was very supportive of diverse views expressed during the session. He was fair and completely non-judgmental throughout the session.

– Suhas Harshe

Hemant has an excellent ability to explain things without being preachy and judgmental about views or people.

– Paresh Shetiya

Group Coaching Program
Directors and Consultants, Horus Financial Consultants

Hemant leverages his multi-geographic experience in India, the USA and China and packages this with well organized research, into an excellent learning experience for committed individuals who are seeking to take themselves to the next level.

I joined a four week workshop with the aim of getting better at building and managing professional relationships. With help from his program, I was able to understand in more detail about goal setting, prioritization and time management, in addition to receiving feedback on improvement of relationship building. I was able to to implement the learning and get noticeably better within a month.

Will definitely recommend his services.

Govind Dutt Pullat
Data Solution Architect responsible for Data Strategy, An Insurance conglomerate

I had an opportunity to attend hemant’s Four week “Be Your Best” group coaching program and this was an amazing experience. Those four sessions helped me realize that setting short term goals, changing Habits, working on self, helps me add more positive value in my work & most importantly it helped me to setup the SMART goal & technique to stick to goals with Eating Live Frog Method. Now I have a clear vision, a defined goal and a path towards that goal. I recommended all my friends & family to go for it . It is worth to spend 10-15 hrs of session to stream line your goals with your progress.

Most important factor, I feel stress free in my work & my backlog of work reducing day by day.

Parag Khachane
Application Architect, IBM Global Services

Recently, I connected with Hemant in the coaching program 3 Secrets of Success. For me, it was a very good experience, had lots of thoughts exchanges, these sessions surely did allow to develop many thoughts about self-awareness, developing & changing habits, building relationships in life & career, re-look at the career at this juncture & think in altogether different direction. Hemant has very good style of communication, a good listener & is found to be passionate about coaching others. He displayed excellent patience to respond all queries of attendees. Program was designed very well, covering all aspects required, also conducted in very effective manner, with enough practical examples, apt conclusions. I wish Hemant very best as a coach & will recommend his services.

Manish Charankar
Program Manager (PMP)

Recently I had an opportunity to attend Hemant’s four week group coaching and this was an amazing experience. Those four sessions helped me realize that I had a goal, but that was not SMART enough. During the workshop Hemant helped me define my SMART goal and then we identified the blockers and how to get rid of those blockers. Now I have a clear vision, a defined goal and a path towards that goal.

Amit Jain, PMP
Project Manager, IBM India Private Limited

I got in touch with Hemant while searching for a Life Coach and found him to be very passionate about his work but more than that he came across as very compassionate and understanding towards me and my concerns a quality which is highly appreciated.

He introduced me to an unique ‘psychometric test’ which is better suited to Indian professionals and I was very pleased with the discussion on this test.

I would highly recommend Hemant to anyone who wishes to get some help to sort things out in a very structured and unbiased way.

Varun Bansal
Senior Project Services/Control Professional, Oil & Gas Industry

I had coaching sessions with Hemant. He was my mentor coach. My goal was to prepare and establish myself as a life coach. He asked me powerful questions that redirected my thinking to focus on important goals. He challenged me from time to time which reinforced the importance of going out of my comfort zone. He provided me with a real picture of life coaching and training industry.
I highly recommend working with Hemant if you want to reinvent your career and excel in personal growth.

Mayur Pangrekar
IT Consultant & Life Balance Coach

I started coaching with Hemant to be a life coach myself. I always knew that this was my calling in life but wasnt sure how i could fulfill my dream. Hemant was able to help me clear my head and help me chart out an action plan to follow my passion. His clarity of thought and simplicity of handling situations is something anybody facing any challenge in life can get great insights from. I believe we all have all the answers within us but we all need someone like Hemant to draw them out with his patient listening and be able to live the life of our dreams. Thanks to Hemant I have begun my own life coaching practice thereby helping people lead exciting and fulfilling lives. I’m glad Hemant is doing something that’s making the world a better place.

Don Rohra
Life Coach

Hemant has been a wonderful coach. He is self motivated and always sees the bigger picture. He is great with his communication and very easy to connect with. He is very professional and understands the client needs well. As a coach he always exceeds your expectations. He is not only empathetic but he also knows how to break the barriers. Absolutely non – judgmental. I am very happy to be connected to Hemant.

Snehal R. Singh
Abundance Mindset Coach, Best-Selling, Author & Inspirational Speaker

“Hemant is an excellent Coach. And for me a friend for lifetime, indeed.

As much as i have seen myself progress equally have i been able to witness his burgeoning dedication to be a better coach for me.

He himself took steps so as to make my coaching experience better. From Gentle reminders to short calls. Everything.

There is nothing that i did not discuss with him. Personal, family, career, spirituality and he has always lend me an insight that i took with myself.

The amount of encouragement I received from him was everything.

There is a lot to learn and i know he is there for me, always!

Love you, Hemant.”

Ravina Singh
Young Explorer, Blogger

Hi Hemant, Thank you for conducting coaching session for Gharla.com employees and real estate agents. This session would definitely help each participant to excel in their professional and personal life. The participants can achieve their goals step by step by applying those secrets of success which you have taught.

Vrushali Adhawade
Director, GHARLA.com

Hemant Deshpande had been my life Coach from 26th April 2016 for 8 sessions of one hour duration each week.I did not know what a life coach is until my nephew suggested that i engage a life coach as I was having issues with my son. I did not know how that was going to help and was skeptical, when i received a call from Hemant.

I must tell you that the coaching sessions had a really soothing effect on me, Hemant is a very effective communicator. He drives the point slowly and tactfully and makes you understand that your point of view is not the only correct one. He holds a mirror in front of you and makes you see clearly. He doesnt judge you at all.

He has done a great job of being my life coach. Thank you Hemant. All my best wishes to you..”

Meera Krishna
Housewife, Hyderabad

Mr. Hemant Deshpande is simply great at Coaching. During my coaching journey with him, he made me identify my strengths, skills, achievements, values and helped me move towards achieving my goals.

As a part of the coaching program, I learned the art of letting go (of things which I don’t want) and do not hold onto things as this will lead to overthinking.

The focus is now more on changing myself rather than expecting things and people around me to change. During the coaching program, he also made me understand the importance of the ‘WHY’ and ‘WHAT’ when it comes to working towards pursuing my goals.

Now, I’m constantly focusing on my career through self-development with all of my energy instead of focusing on the factors beyond my control. I’m confident now that all of my learnings will now become ‘Actions’.

Kiran Kumar
Manager, Market Research at MNC

I approached Hemant when I was in a career crisis and almost an identity crisis of sorts. I did not know what to expect from Hemant and career coaching in general when I spoke to him in the beginning. After an initial discovery session, we set my questions in context and decided on overall coaching goals. That session itself left me feeling lighter, secure, and excited about the future.

Over the course of the last 6 months, through a very insightful approach, I have received continuous guidance from Hemant. Across all his sessions, he helps walk through your challenges by listening intently. Through his questions, I discovered how I think, what has limited me, and what I can do to practically work towards reducing those apparent limitations. I was nudged in the right direction by Hemant to prepare a plan for myself, but more importantly, make it approachable, flexible, and sustainable.

I really appreciated having Hemant being my accountability partner, reminding me about the power of self-appreciation and always looking at a situation not with the emotion associated with it, but simply as it is. His sessions have helped me reduce the unwarranted worries I’ve had about my capabilities, and made me more balanced and positive. I also received a lot of comfort from the examples and stories he shared, including his own life journey, which reassured me that he fully understood my concerns. I would highly recommend anyone facing career dilemmas or feeling like they are stuck in a rut, to take advantage of the patient, empathetic, and clear persona that Hemant radiates.

Saini Krishnamurthy
Associate Director - Business Development (EY-Parthenon)

In summary, life looks more promising. I feel confident, I feel excited. The way I was 10 years ago and it’s all thanks to Hemant.

Hi, I’m Manasi. I’m an HR Manager, working with healthcare industry. I was feeling absolutely directionless. I was feeling demotivated and scattered about my personal and professional life. I’m a single mom and I was always looking for appreciation from family as well as on my professional front, but was very demotivated about things not going right in my life, which I wanted to do. And I was doing kind of transactional job and I wanted to get into a very strategic role and that’s where I contacted Hemant. We started with our coaching sessions from February onwards. In about eight sessions, he has helped me to build myself, start appreciating myself and look at the positive side. We had affirmations being written down, we had value exercise, scale exercise, you know, being done for myself. And then we figured out by resume building, by networking, working on LinkedIn profile, increasing my network on LinkedIn, and helping me to basically now land up an opportunity with an MNC where they have offered me HR head position. All this has been done because of Hemant. With the coaching session from Hemant, I think I have now figured out what I want in my life and hence I’m getting more and more offers, I’m giving it a shot to go and appear for these interviews where I can be at a HR head position.

It has also changed my life in a way that I started appreciating my son more and he also now loves to be with me instead of just running away from me. My mom has become happier because I’m getting many more offers my way. So it’s all Hemant, who has to changed me from what I was he rebuilded me from where I began. And I think it’s all thanks to him that my life looks more exciting and I feel more energetic and I feel absolutely confident that what I want in my life now.

HR Manager, 3Gen Consulting, Pune

In summary, Hemant has really helped me achieve what I deserve.

Hi, I’m Divya, I am one of the many people in Mumbai India, who is extremely passionate, very hardworking. However I was at a point in my career where I had some kind of a vision, some kind of an idea, but really did not know how to go from the point I am at, to where I wanted to be, and that’s where I started struggling and finding it scary and overwhelming. Once I started working with Hemant, I realized that he is someone who is very simplistic and very positive. We were able to work together to create small milestones, and work in a very, very actionable manner. What I really like about that, is that he was able to work at my pace and really take off the fear and the overwhelm. Right now I’m at a point where I’m very clear and I am moving in the direction I want to go. However the biggest takeaway for me, has been to ask for the right amount of pay, and the right designation that I want, and this was something I wasn’t able to ask for earlier, but when you want to really give it your best, you need to make sure you get what you deserve, and that’s really what Hemant has helped me achieve.

Divya Jagasia
Senior Consultant, Innovation, Mumbai

In summary, I feel now I have a path to my alternate career and a plan to fulfill my dream.

Hi, I’m Nitin Bhagwat, I have got 17 years experience in IT industry. And I have been doing project management for quite a while. And I find that interacting with people, or training the people is something that I’m good at. And I would like to explore my abilities of soft skills training or become a life coach. And that’s where my coaching journey with Hemant began. I met Hemant in the Transformational Leadership Program that he conducted at my company. During this training, I felt I had to connect with Hemant. So I took the coaching from him for about six months as my coach. And during this coaching program what I found was, the USPs that I found in Hemant was: one, he is very knowledgeable and focused individual. Two, I found him a very warm and friendly person who could always connect with me. And third, what I found was, the way of coaching is very personalized and very helpful. And now I have a plan with me, I am working on it, and I’m really happy that I’m going to achieve my goal because I’ve started taking the trainings. I’ve actually done some workshops, and I’m practicing what I’ve learned from Hemant with my colleagues. And I really feel now that I have a purpose in life, and I think it’s like a dream coming true for my alternate career.

Nitin Bhagwat
Project Manager, Mastek, Mumbai

I approached Hemant when I was in a career crisis and almost an identity crisis of sorts. Over the course of the program, through a very insightful approach, I have received continuous guidance from Hemant. Through his questions, I discovered how I think, what has limited me, and what I can do to practically work towards reducing those apparent limitations. I was nudged in the right direction by Hemant to prepare a plan for myself, but more importantly, make it approachable, flexible, and sustainable.I would highly recommend anyone facing career dilemmas or feeling like they are stuck in a rut, to take advantage of the patient, empathetic, and clear persona that Hemant radiates.

Saini Krishnamurthy
Associate Director - Business Development (EY-Parthenon)

I am very thankful to Prasad for coaching me. Coaching has completely changed my outlook towards life. You patiently guided me after listening to all my goals and discussing in detail every goal and we shortlisted them to 3 most important Goals. You were holding me accountable for my actions which was one of the main reasons i could achieve what i am today. Your coaching is the main reason I have learned to control my anger to a great extent and be alert in everything I do to reduce my carelessness. People around me felt the change in my behavior and they started appreciating it. Thanks to you, only because of your coaching I even got a promotion in my organisation. I would continue to follow the learnings and take it forward to the next level.

Senior Manager - MNC Bank

Prasad, it was really amazing to be in your coaching sessions. I was skeptical initially, but surprisingly I broke all my barriers in my first session. I felt more confidence and comfort to have somebody to share, discuss and get clarity on many aspects of leadership development. Your sessions definitely helped me both personally and professionally while I build my leadership journey. I was able to clearly understand my strengths and improvement areas, and with your guidance the strategies that will help enhance my leadership skills. I would like to sincerely thank you for your guidance, and my best wishes for numerous leaders who will get benefited from your coaching in future.

Customer Support Fortune 500 Company

A very patient and fun-loving coach is Prasad. His process of not directly giving directions to people but guiding them to create their own path and to make them think that what if they are the coach of their own life. His simple phrases are easy to contemplate and you can assess your daily activities so easily as in what you are doing is correct for your life, career and most importantly happiness. Thank you Prasad for being my coach and I did get to assess some hidden insights about myself and my life.

Neha Mehdiratta
Data Analyst, TCS

Deshpande sir had been my career & life coach from Jun 2020 to Nov 2020. This was a totally new journey for me. I was looking for guidance in mid-career transformation. That time, I did not know what a career & life coach was until my husband suggested a life coach when he saw Deshpande sir profile on LinkedIn.

It was a magnificent coaching journey. The new experience I never had before. And it turned out to be a totally life-changing experience in professional as well as personal life. The coaching sessions were an eye-opener for me. Brought a new way of looking at things. Improved on my Emotional Quotient. Better in handling things in personal as well as in professional life. I came to know myself better. I could work on the weakness that was holding me back from moving ahead. Also, could know my strengths better which I will be flourishing further.

Hemant sir is a phenomenal coach. He is a very good listener and soft-spoken. By asking the right questions he always holds a mirror in front of you where you discover the answers by yourself. He does this without getting biased and judging you.

I am really happy and lucky to have connected with Hemant sir as my career & life coach. Would like to be associated with him for life.

Senior Project Lead at Capita

I was stuck in a job with no work life balance. I wasn’t sure of my future. I was looking for guidance on what my career path should be for the medium and long term goals that I have set for myself. I wanted an expert to advise me and offer ideas on how to work towards my long term ambitions of being an entrepreneur. That is when I contacted Hemant Deshpande.

While going through the coaching journey with Hemant, I found a new job which aligned with my aspirations. Some of the tips shared by Hemant helped in securing this job. I have also been able to increase my self-awareness and confidence through by discussions with Hemant. Another important result I achieved is that I have made steady progress towards my long-term goal of being an entrepreneur.

During my coaching journey, I learned many things. I learned regarding different business models, trending business ideas, smart ways to look for a target job, unique business models, leveraging the right courses among other valuable lessons.

I took a lot of important action steps during coaching journey, I researched extensively on potential business ideas. Took courses related to entrepreneurship. Started on ground actions towards setting up my own business.

My conversations with Hemant were always thought provoking, encouraging and insightful. There was one conversation which made me realize a key flaw in my behaviour and this will go a long way in improving my life. I have developed a more action and target oriented approach towards my long-term goals due to this coaching engagement.

I would highly recommend Hemant as a career coach, advisor and guide. Some of his admirable qualities include: 1) Excellent Listening Skills 2) Insightful Inputs 3) Honest Analysis and Feedback 4) Reinforced Positive Thinking

Consultant at IT MNC, Bangalore

My coaching journey with Hemant started in February’21 when I began to start thinking of ending my long Corporate career and starting something new that I would like to venture into, knowing that the transformation might become challenging on many fronts. Since my daughter had experienced the coaching benefit with Hemant and how immensely valuable and useful the practical guidance received by her was, I knew this was something that I needed to do to make a well thought out decision, and there would have been no one better than Hemant to help me through that.

What I experienced later was in a short sentence, “finding a new me” apart from of course gaining a lot of knowledge of the art and science of Coaching as a profession.  Many new windows of my mind opened new insights, information and knowledge was received. Basically, from the time I started in Feb to now (June 2021), I am far more comfortable and relaxed in knowing that not just do I have a GPS and Google map on my mobile, but I also a sense of where I want to head, which I would say is a conclusion and success of this course.

Viraj Ghate
Head of Retail Risk Services, HSBC Middle East

I decided to experience career coaching as I felt I needed clarity on my goals and more importantly, figure out how I wished to achieve them. The coaching sessions helped me understand my strengths, weaknesses, and interests better. I realized which areas of professional or personal skills I need to focus on developing and which ones to leverage better. Hemant was patient, understanding, and empathizing. He listened and provided valuable feedback. We had some open-ended sessions, in addition to ones with a structure that was thought-provoking and inspiring. I am glad I had this experience of working with him to understand what was important for me and how to go about achieving it.

Priya Nagaraj
Senior Manager, Global NGO

Before being introduced to Hemant I was wondering where was my career headed and was confused in my current role Thru the coaching program I got to know about my hidden qualities and skills and also learned about several blind spots (limiting beliefs and unhelpful thoughts) It helped me in finding the purpose in the work and gave me required clarity due to which I could navigate to the next level of my career. Smart Goal setting and accountability towards them helped me develop new habits such as learning regularly and practicing assertions. It helped me in achieving desired success in my career. I’d like to thank Hemant for his valuable guidance to me and also highly recommend his program. It is definitely an ‘investment with guaranteed returns

Rohan Puranik
Technology Architect, Infosys

Career Coaching Approach

Develop Clarity


  • Be systematically guided to discover, define and articulate your individual formula to succeed
  • Know yourself better through Personality assessment and Career assessment
  • Clarify your 7 key career components including purpose, core values, true needs, natural-strengths, skills & capabilities environment fit and career assessment


  • Expert guidance to create your blueprint for success using brainstorming, research and choose the right direction
  • Life 360 degree approach to planning to include all important areas of life
  • Create a plan for preparing yourself for career revival through upskilling, reskilling and exploring opportunities through power networking
Execution & Review


  • Be guided step-by-step through your personal action plan through to achieving your set outcomes
  • Define your value proposition, personal brand and new career narrative
  • Create the most relevant cover letter, CV, online presence, LinkedIn profile and interview techniques.

How Coaching Engagement Works

  • Personal 1-on-1 telephone/ Skype sessions
  • At a pace that’s best for you
  • All programmes include Deep Dive sessions
  • Convenient 1 hour weekly sessions
  • Programme customized to your needs
  • Bookings Mon-Sat 9am – 9pm

Will Mid Career Coaching work for you?

The answer depends on YOU.
It has worked wonderfully well for hundreds of our clients.

It will surely work for you if you are:
  • Willing to make the investment in yourself, your career and life growth
  • Committed to reviving your career
  • Willing to take actions to move forward
  • Coachable and open minded
  • Willing to move out of your comfort zone and stretch yourself
  • Eager to learn new skills
  • Ready to let go of the past failures and limiting beliefs
  • Persistent and optimistic
  • Ready to take that first step

How to get started?

  • Fill out the contact form to let us know what help you are looking for
  • Have your FREE 45 minute Discovery call scheduled with our Coach!
  • Receive your individual coaching assessment + start your coaching within 7 days!

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