Moving closer to your goals step-by-step.

I have developed my own process which has proved to very effective with ALL my clients yet it’s simple to understand and work with.

A typical coaching program involves me working with you on the Phone or Skype for a series of 12 weekly sessions (about 3 months). Each coaching session lasts about an hour or so.

Step 1 – Describe your Goals

Initially, we talk about yourself and the unique challenges you’re going through and what GOALS are important for you.

Step 2 – Explore each Goal

Then we discuss about each of your goals and identify TOP 3 inspirational goals that you REALLY want to achieve. We also discuss about realistic timeframes for these goals. We will explore what has been stopping you to make progress and how to effectively tackle those challenges.

Step 3 – Create Game Plan

Once we become clear about what it is that you want, we’ll create an effective, systematic action plan that will take you from where you are to where you want to be. We’ll start with one small step at a time so as not to overwhelm you.

Step 4 – Time for Action

This is where you will start experiencing the power of ACTION and soon you will start experiencing success. As a Coach, I’ll hold you accountable for all the actions you said you will take.

Step 5 – Clearing the Roadblocks

As you build momentum, you’ll may get stopped or slowed down due to OLD HABITS and BELIEFS. I’ll help you challenge your own unhelpful habits and limiting beliefs that hold you back. This is where you start REINVENTING yourself truly.

Step 6 – Results

You will start experiencing RESULTS and keep moving fasters towards your Goals. Don’t be surprised if you start setting even higher goals at this stage. Many of my clients have done that.

To sum up, here’s my unique coaching process…

  1. Describe your Goals
  2. Explore Goals
  3. Create Game Plan
  4. Time for Action
  5. Clearing the Roadblocks
  6. Results

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