A Coach’s success COMPLETELY depends on Client’ success, it is that simple.

It works because it is a 2-way process. It is a meaningful and effective engagement between you as my client and myself as your coach, completely focused on achieving your most important goals. The relationship develops through powerful conversations, questioning, reflections and most importantly actions taken by you. Coaching is a very powerful accountability structure where me as a Coach hold you accountable for the actions you said you will take for achieving your goals.

Here are a few benefits you will get from Coaching:

  • You get Clarity: Many times my clients have come to me in very confused state about important areas of their life, for example, Career Reinvention, Career Change, Career direction. Through the coaching conversations and effective personality-to-career mapping tools, they got absolute clarity about what they wanted.
  • Inspiring Goals: Once you get clarity about the direction and options that are best suited for you, we together set SMART Goals that keep inspiring you every day and add powerful purpose to life/career.
  • It’s all about ACTION:  Now is the action time. As a Mid-Career Coach, I make you accountable for all the actions that you said you will take to achieve your goals. That way you stay focused and more effective. It also fosters a sense of accomplishment and ownership.
  • Effectiveness is the measure of Truth: I believe that the desired results is the only measurement for the effectiveness of Coaching engagement. We as a Coach/Coachee team strive to achieve results irrespective of the situation or challenges. No excuses whatsoever.
  • A dedicated professional dedicated to you: What you get is a completely dedicated professional coach by your side who is on your side all the time. In addition to our weekly coaching sessions, I am ALWAYS available to you when you need to discuss something important about your goals. You may need a quick chat, my opinion or perspective.
  • Explore new possibilities: As a Career Reinvention Coach, I always encourage you to create and pursue new possibilities in your career & life. Brand new possibilities from a sunny bright future newly invented by you. How about that?
  • Saves you stress, pain and frustration: You may be facing challenges in some areas of your career or life. By tackling these areas, by taking action and making progress eliminates stress, pain and frustration for you. Most importantly you learn this process once and apply everywhere.

To make my Coaching engagement effective, I use Results Focused Methodology:

  • Use of scientific personality & career mapping tools and templates
  • Customized Coaching solution for your need
  • Leveraging ICF’s 11 Core Competencies Model
  • Socratic Questioning leading to Internal Inquiry
  • Powerful NLP Techniques for Behavioural changes
  • Use of powerful Ontological principles

Check out the Success Stories from my clients. Try it out yourself if you are really serious about your goals, contact me for a free exploratory session. Take that powerful step now!