Are you trying to be a PERFECT candidate during job search and interviews?

Good news, you are not alone!

Bad news, it does not work.

Having coached hundreds of senior professionals over the last many years, I come across these common patterns –

1. Oh, I am not ready for a job search yet

2. Oh, my Resume is in a bad shape, not been updated for a long time

3. My LinkedIn profile is not at all impressive, I feel the inferiority complex

4. Looking at the JDs, I don’t even match 50% of the requirements

5. I don’t have the RIGHT qualification, don’t have IIM/IIT stamp

6. I don’t have all the skills they are asking for

7. I don’t have the experience in many areas they are looking for

8. They are asking for many certifications, I have only a few

9. Can I really handle the responsibility of this role?

10. I don’t want to fail. Rather, I will wait and someday I will be ready

11. I am handling a small team, they mentioned bigger teams

12. I am not happy with my current job, but who wants to take the risk?

Can you relate to any of these?

Why do you think, people, hold themselves back?

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