What do you think is causing The Great Resignation wave in the Indian IT Services space?

I was watching attrition numbers the top 3 IT Services majors reported for the last quarter (ending June 2022).

All of them have attrition percentages in low to high Twenties.

Another IT Services major got into news for their attrition numbers in the high Thirties. It has caused a major backlash for the company as per the media reports.

Looking at the headcounts of only these 3 companies and the attrition numbers, my rough calculations indicate the number of employees leaving is around 3,50,000 or more.

Now, if you consider the top 10 companies, then the top 50, then the top 100 and then the whole of the sector, can you imagine the number of employees resigning?

What do you think is driving employees to leave in such large numbers?

What do you think the companies should do?

Would like to hear your thoughts and perspectives.

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