Why do we buy from the same store for years?

I picked up my son from his badminton practice and while driving home, he asked me, “Baba, who are the people who buy from this small medicine store when there is a big one, Radhika Medical, right next to it?”

I thought for a moment. Good question!

I recalled that the big store, Radhika Medical, was actually a small store a few years back and my parents used to buy medicines from there. Over the years, it became our go-to shop for all medicines. Two brothers running the store provided excellent service to us all these years. They promptly delivered medicines home (long before COVID times) be it day or night, hot sunny day or heavy rains. They also gave us a small discount (don’t tell anyone). But most importantly, they developed a relationship with our family, they built trust. That’s why even today I don’t use any pharmacy apps.

I am sure, the small store next to Radhika Medical also has its own loyal customers who buy from there.

So I told my 10-year-old son, “We buy things from stores but it doesn’t end there. Over time, people develop relationships, build trust and they value that a lot more.”

He nodded.

I think it is not only true about stores we buy from, it’s also true for our relationships at work and personal life.

What do you think?

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