A Coach wears many hats!


“I want to grow in my career and be super successful. How can a Coach help me?” A prospective client asked.

I responded, “a good Coach walks with you every step of the way and brings his expertise, tools and most importantly his commitment to helping you to achieve your goals.”

A Coach plays many roles for YOU:

Committed listener: He believes in you, your potential, and your Goals.

Catalyst: He helps you develop clarity and remove obstacles in your way such as limiting beliefs, assumptions, self-doubt, etc.

Challenger: He challenges you to move out of your comfort zone and get into a stretch zone so that you can expand your capabilities.

Mirror: He shows you the mirror to reflect your words, emotions, and actions.

Trusted advisor: Creates a safe space for you. He always has your best interest in mind.

Sounding board: He listens to you in a non-judgmental way without jumping into advising unless needed.

Accountability partner: He holds you accountable for the actions you committed you will take.

Cheerleader: He cheers you on always!

Have you experienced coaching yet? If not, you are missing out on a great opportunity to take your career & life to the next level.

Hope you will enjoy the short video on this topic.

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