Are you stuck in your job for too long?


Are you stuck in your organization for too long? You are not alone. I spoke to quite a few professionals who feel that way and now feeling stagnated.

I was speaking to a CXO of an IT company recently and he told me, “I have been with the current organization for 10+ years now. I gave my 100% to the organization, and I also grew with the organization so no regrets there. But now I am at the juncture where I am feeling stuck in my career and my boss does not give me any direction. So, I am feeling unsure and insecure about my future career roadmap.

When we explored further, we discovered that he is emotionally attached to the organization so thinking of some other options is not easy for him. Also, there is self-doubt because he has never seen beyond the current organization.

You know this. A job is owned by the company and your career is owned by you. A job is a business contract with most of the organizations unless you are working for a charity or some selfless purpose.

Having said that, you are RESPONSIBLE for your career, nobody else (not even your boss!).

Having long term employment with a company is great so long it is a WIN-WIN.

But are you staying in charge of your career and keeping yourself future-ready?

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