Are you trying to be perfect?


Are you trying to be perfect?

Well, I have tried that for many years (and failed). I want to be a perfect student, a perfect professional, a perfect husband, a perfect father, a perfect friend and the list goes on. Anything and everything that I want to do has to be perfect.

I remember, as a manager when I was asked to prepare any presentation for a management review then first I would procrastinate waiting for a perfect time in the day. Morning? No, afternoon is better. No no, evening is better because then nobody will bother me. Sounds familiar?

Then while preparing the presentation, I would do 5-10 iterations trying to make it perfect and send it only at the last minute. I used to feel a lot stressed during all this time.

Then I realized that PERFECTION is a trap. It does not allow you to be yourself. It creates some strange expectations from self (and others too) and creates fear & anxiety that – what if this is not perfect? What if I fail short?

The way out is to realize that – It’s OK to be not perfect because perfection is an illusion that stops you from taking action. And then take action, do the best you can and relax.

What are your thoughts?

P.S: I spent 10 minutes looking for a perfect image 🙂

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