Career Transition

My 10-year-old son, Ashutosh asked me, “Baba, what is this webinar that you are conducting on Saturday?”

I said, “Oh, it is about how to develop clarity around Career Change. It is for those people who are looking to find the perfect 2nd career that will make them happy.”

“Oh, so it’s like what you did some years back?” he asked.

“Yes”, I smiled.

He said, “can I create a poster for you that you can use?”

“Sure, why not!” I happily responded.

“What will you write?” I was curious.

Then he created this poster.

“Hi Friends, do you want your Dad to spend more time with you? Then ask him to attend my Dad’s webinar – Career Change Clarity”

And below the text he drew a picture of me and him playing football.

I was amazed 😊

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