Coaching works!


Recently I completed my 100th workout session. The journey with my fitness coach, Madhura started around the end of May 2020.

This is a big achievement for me personally. In the past, I have struggled with being overweight, low stamina, and endurance. I struggled with consistency a lot. In the past, I have taken Gym memberships and have not used them beyond a week or two.

Not sure if I am alone, or if you also faced similar challenges?

But in the year 2020, I took on the Goal to be consistent with my exercise routine and build my fitness.

Working with Madhura ensured that I had 3 workout sessions scheduled every week. I followed the structure and was able to develop consistency and results followed.
In a few months, I started developing good stamina, flexibility, and strength. I felt a lot more energetic.

Recently I did Sinhagad trek (90 minutes climb) on two consecutive weekends with ease. The last time I had trekked up Sinhagad was 12 years earlier (2009) and it was not easy for me then 🙂

Being a Coach myself, I wholeheartedly believe in the power of coaching, accountability it creates and actions that produce great results.

Thanks Madhura Ghare for your relentless support.

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