Disappointment leads to a magical breakthrough!


Sometimes a disappointment leads to a magical breakthrough. Have you experienced it?

Today morning, a memory popped up in my mind.

I had just returned to India from a very successful overseas assignment. After a few days of return, I called the Practice Head, let’s call him S.

I called him up, and asked, “Hey S, what’s the plan for me now? What’s the next assignment?

In my mind, I was excited and looking forward to hearing from him about the next cool assignment. But he said bluntly, “There is no plan.” I was shocked and the conversation ended soon.

I could not believe that after 8 years of a fairly good run in the organization, I would get to hear this. I was disappointed and carried that mood for the next few days. I blamed S in my mind for not respecting my work, performance, and achievements.

Soon, it started becoming clear to me that I cannot rely on anyone else to plan for my career. I was the only one responsible for it. I am pretty certain, that’s the time when career change took root in my consciousness and the desire became stronger over time. I decided to take charge of my career.

What bothered me as a disappointment, paved the way for a great breakthrough in my career and life.

Thank you, S.

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