Drama at Work


Last week I shared with you Asha’s story, remember?

Why was she frustrated with the conflicts around her? Maybe she was stuck in a Drama Triangle!

What is Drama Triangle? It is a concept developed by Stephen Karpman used for behavioural analysis.

The triangle has three roles.

Victim – The person who feels helpless, cribs about it and feels frustrated.

Persecutor – The person who feels one-up and uses some kind of domination over the other person(s).

Rescuer – The person who feels sorry for the Victim and comes in for the rescue. This person feels that the Victim “needs” their help.

Even though all of us play all of these roles at different times and in different situations, we all have a tendency to use one of the roles more often. This is a vicious triangle. If you are stuck in the roles in the triangle, there is conflict and a lack of harmony.

How to get out of the triangle?

The Victim needs to take RESPONSIBILITY to change their situation and take appropriate action.

The Persecutor needs to communicate ASSERTIVELY without being aggressive. Be COMPASSIONATE, be fair and be firm.

The Rescuer needs to listen and SUPPORT the person going through challenges but without taking the onus of solving their problem.

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