Finally, the bicycle and sofa got attention!


Finally, the bicycle and sofa got attention!

My 9 years old son, Ashutosh’s bicycle was due for servicing for more than a year now. Ashutosh requested me to get it serviced & repaired and I promised him that I will do it.

But truth be told, I kept postponing it for months due to other “priorities”. I looked at this as a “low priority” while I was busy with my work. This kept bothering me almost everyday.

Finally, last week I took the bicycle to the shop and got it done. First, I was happy that I did what I had promised. Ashutosh was happy and he thanked me sincerely. He said, “oh wow, now my bicycle looks like new.

Another thing which was pending for years, buying a new sofa set. Me and my wife had been discussing it for 2 years and again it was a “low priority” thing for me. This kept nagging at me too. Finally, one day I said, “We are buying a new sofa today.” And we went to a furniture shop and bought a new sofa set. We are all so happy to have a new sofa set and I can see a smile on everyone’s face.

I realized, small things like this are important and I should not look at it as a “low priority”. I guess this is important to balance all aspects of life.

What do you think?

What are the so called “small things” you are postponing?


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