How are you dealing with these uncertain times


One day, while sipping my morning tea I observed there was a newly built crow nest on one of the trees next to our balcony. In the next few days we saw the female crow lay three eggs. The female crow would keep sitting on the eggs and the male crow would sit on one of the upper branches and keep an eye on preying birds.

All was well until…

One late afternoon, the sky gathered clouds, and the wind started blowing furiously. There was lightning in the sky and before we knew there brew a storm. Trees started shaking up vigorously. Dust, leaves, and other smaller objects started flying around. In a few minutes, it started raining heavily. At this juncture, I was worried about the crows and their nest. The female crow was still sitting right there in the nest while protecting the eggs underneath her belly. I was praying for their safety. After some time slowly the storm receded and the nest was intact.

My son said, “Baba, the female crow is really brave. She kept sitting there to protect her babies.” I nodded in agreement.

A few days later, the eggs hatched, and we can see three crow babies growing up fast. The crow’s family stood the test of time. They weathered the storm.

What is helping you weather the COVID-19 storm?


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