How did coaching help you in your career?


“How did coaching help you in your career?” I ask my guest on the Career Success Conversations, a video series I have started.

Here I engage in a very candid conversation with my clients who have taken the career coaching journey with me. They share about their career journeys, successes and challenges, their goals and aspirations. They also speak about how career coaching played a part in their career journey. They share their experience of the journey, what they learned and what they achieved through the coaching engagement.

Happy to share Episode 1. Here I am in conversation with Partha Kalita from Guwahati, Assam. Partha is a person of multiple talents and interests. In his career, Partha worked with a top brand in hospitality, then dabbled into a Sales role, ran his own travel start-up and has worked as a trainer/teacher too. Even after trying multiple industries and roles, he did not get Clarity on his real passion and career direction. That’s the time Partha contacted me. He had set a goal to figure out the career direction that would bring out the best in him.

Let’s hear from Partha about his coaching journey, what did he learn and what he achieved.

Hope you enjoy the Video!

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