How to beat procrastination?

How to beat procrastination?

During a recent coaching conversation, my client Pankaj (name changed) said, “Hemant, I want to exercise every day, but I exercise only 5 days a week from Monday to Friday. But I take it easy on Saturday and Sunday. I don’t exercise over the weekend and later I feel guilty about it. How do I overcome this?”

Then we explored different aspects associated with this topic. First, we looked at, is feeling guilty an issue or not exercising on weekends is an issue? Or something else?

Pankaj mentioned that procrastination is the issue for him. Not doing what he wants to do. That left him dissatisfied.
Great insights, learning, and realizations came out of our conversation.

Summarising it here:
· Don’t go for the Gold directly. It’s okay to start with a bronze medal first. It’s okay to start with 3 or 5 days of exercise every week and then over time move to 7 days a week. That builds confidence in the process. Start with easy (still outside your comfort zone) and then move towards more difficult incrementally.
· Combine your activity with something fun & meaningful. For example, if you love music, play your favorite music when you exercise. That will make it fun and not boring. When I go for walks, I sometimes listen to audiobooks. That serves two purposes, exercise and listening to my favorite books.
· Create a meaningful “cue” for starting your important activity. For example, I have a recorded numbering sequence of Surya Namaskar on my mobile and I play that when I am ready for exercise. In fact, playing that makes me mentally and physically ready for the exercise. Putting on your favorite running shoes can be a good cue for you to go for a jog.
· Schedule your activity at a time that works best for you. Usually, it’s the morning time that works best for most people. But if your mornings are rushed then evening time may work better for you. Be practical and choose a routine that works in your life.
· Find a partner if you can. Join a running or exercise group in your society or neighborhood. That enhances accountability, encouragement, and support from others. You are more likely to go for a run when you have promised your friends that you will be there.

For Pankaj, he was procrastinating about exercising. For others, it could be related to reading, following a certain diet, mediation, studying, writing a diary, or something else.

What are you procrastinating on?

What are your best techniques to beat procrastination?

I would love to hear.

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