How to improve decision-making skills?

How to make better decisions quickly?
How to make difficult decisions?

These are questions asked by my clients, all of them are mid-senior level professionals.

We make hundreds of decisions every day.

Here we will focus on decisions we make related to our work or profession.

As professionals, all of us face challenges, problems, ambiguous situations, expectations from stakeholders, difficult conversations, and much more.

To navigate through this successfully, one needs to have good decision-making skills.

Do you agree?

First, we need to develop a good process for decision-making. A process-driven approach gives us a reference, a structure to follow and eliminates overwhelm. A process-driven approach is more predictable than a random approach.

Makes sense?

I am outlining a seven-step process that can help in looking at a problem more objectively and help make a better decision.
1. Acknowledge the problem or situation – Do not resist or deny the problem, especially if it makes you uncomfortable.
2. Define the problem clearly – I suggest writing it down.
3. Analyse the information and facts available – Do not make assumptions.
4. Identify possible solutions that you can think of – based on your experience, consult with other concerned people, and consult with experts depending on the situation.
5. Be aware of your emotions – Are your emotions affecting your decision-making? Check and become aware.
6. Make a decision – Trust yourself. If it is not an urgent decision, take your time, be with the situation and then decide. Sometimes, not making a decision becomes a problem.
7. Own your decision – take complete responsibility for your decision without doubting yourself.

The more you practice this process, the better you will get over time.

Tweak the process if you need to. Make it your own depending on your context.

What is your decision-making process? What has worked for you?

Would love to hear and learn from you.

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