Mid-Career Transformation Case Study – Build on your Strengths

Are you feeling stuck in your mid-career? You want to achieve a lot, but you fail to excel no matter how hard you try. Is the feeling of dissatisfaction hovering in your mind? If this sounds something like you, you can get benefited greatly from Mid-Career Transformation Coaching.

One of my clients, Prashant was feeling stuck and stagnated in his career. Here, I have put together a case study on how Mid-Career Transformation Coaching helped him and how he achieved his professional and personal goals. The most amazing part is Prashant got back his freedom, productivity and happiness.

Situation: Prashant was working as a project lead for an IT MNC. He had achieved a high level of professional growth and had recently taken over a new role in his organization. He has always been a high achiever and had a lot of aspirations. He wanted growth and challenging assignments to work on. He was trying hard to achieve his career goals, putting all his effort to do a lot of things, but all of this was in vain as it was not giving him the desired results.

Problem that he faced: Prashant was trying to do a lot of things at the same time to reach the level he aimed for himself. In his own words, Prashant was “Jack of all trades, master of none”. He was putting effort in all the directions but it was not yielding the right results. Prashant also started procrastinating on important actions. His blunt and straightforward attitude also created problems for him in handling his relationships. He had already spent more than 10 years in the industry and felt that time was running out for him to reach the level that he wanted for himself in the organization.

Impact on client’s life: Feelings of frustration and disappointment had seeped in Prashant’s mind and he felt that he was stuck in a wrong job or a wrong organization. The feelings had become so strong that they also started affecting his relationship with the people around him. He had become demotivated and procrastinated at work as well as his personal life. Prashant felt that he is not using his full potential and that he would not be able to meet his career goals. Because of his blunt attitude, he had more foes than friends at his workplace. Feelings of disappointment, hopelessness and frustration worsened Prashant’s emotional state and he needed help.

Client’s need: Prashant’s felt a need for a Career Coach as his frustration and stress levels increased. He was not able to harness his energies in the right direction. He wanted guidance to find out the best career option for himself. He also wanted to work on his behaviour so that he is able to maintain happy and cordial relationships with his colleagues and family.

How Mid-Career Transformation Coaching helped:

My approach towards coaching is a 2-way co-creative process based on the belief that every person is completely capable of generating their own solutions to their problems. In my role as a Coach I help them re-discover themselves in new light and help them get “unstuck”. I understand my client’s problems through deep listening, heart to heart conversations, powerful questions, scientific tools and reflections into the client’s behaviour patterns. I customize solutions for each client because every person is unique and their challenges are unique too.

For Prashant, we took the below approach:

• First, we worked on creating complete self-awareness by using Personality test and powerful self-assessment questionnaires . Prashant discovered his key Strengths, personality traits, Skills, Interests, Values and his unique Needs.

• Together we reflected upon what Prashant loved to do, what energized him to understand where his true passion lies.

• We also did a Skill audit wherein Prashant listed out all of his technical and managerial expertise & skills they he has developed over the years. The most important part of this exercise is to find out – what are you Great at and what gives you Joy while doing it. This is the Golden combination of skill sets.

• Apart from the career growth issues, it was also important to resolve relationship problems that Prashant was facing. To understand these problems, it is vital to understand a person’s beliefs which exhibit outwardly in form of behavior and habits. We delved more into Prashant’s beliefs to understand these linkages better.

What insights Prashant got and what new actions he took: After every deep dive coaching session, it was time for Prashant to take action based on the insights he got during the coaching sessions. Few of the key learning and actions that were derived from the sessions were:

• Prashant identified the golden combination of what he was GREAT at and what he LOVED to do. This was done to channelize Prashant’s mind in the right direction so that he spends time at the things that are his Strengths rather than wasting his time on his so called Weaknesses.

• Then, together we brainstormed various career choices within Prashant’s industry and we shortlisted the best career option for Prashant. He was great at Analysis and enjoyed working with data & numbers.

• We put together an Action plan to ensure that Prashant was able to convert his Goals into reality. We regularly reviewed progress every week and took corrective actions which helped Prashant to stay focused and make progress consistently.

• Based on the reflections on Prashant’s beliefs, I suggested methods to change his habits and behavior which were required to have a great relationship at work. One of the key suggestions was Deep Listening and letting go of perceptions which Prashant practiced consistently for a few weeks. This had a huge impact on improving his relationships at work.

Results achieved by the client: It is important to understand that each individual inherits his or her tendencies towards adopting certain strategies and that our environment plays a crucial role in calibrating these strategies and these finally get shaped as our habits. Prashant benefited immensely from the coaching sessions when he understood his Strengths and areas that he needed to develop further. Some of the key outcomes after the coaching engagement were:

• Prashant was able to identify Analysis as one his key strength and that he preferred to work alone as an individual contributor. Prashant then chose Data Analytics as the field of his interest where his analytical Strengths will be put to best use.

• Prashant got back his confidence, drive and focus. He was more energized at work and his productivity improved significantly. He received multiple accolades for his work and started moving upstream in his career.

• His relationships in personal and professional life improved and he became a better individual.

In Prashant’s own words “Happy to let you know that recently during the annual conference I was recognized 5 times for my achievements at work. Overall, I have become a better individual in my career and personal life. All thanks to Hemant in helping me reinvent my career.”

Prashant is one happy client out of hundreds of other clients I have served over the years. Mid-Career Transformation Coaching has helped my clients reinvent their career and redesign their life.

“You will excel only by maximizing your strengths, never by fixing your weaknesses” – -Marcus Buckingham

If you are feeling that you are not on the right career path and feel stuck in a wrong job, don’t lose heart. Remember that you just need to believe in yourself, unlock your hidden potential and take a few courageous steps in the right direction.

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