Mission K2B is accomplished!

Mission K2B is accomplished! Thanks to my son, Ashutosh.

A few days back, I had promised my father-in-law that I will cycle from my place in Kothrud to his place in Bavdhan (4 Km distance) and hand over the bicycle to him.

Sunday morning, my son reminded me of my promise and asked me to get ready. I was mentally not ready for this. To be honest, I was a little scared because I had not cycled that much distance for many years (more than 3 decades for sure).

Ashutosh got my bag ready, a cap, hand gloves, face mask, and bicycle ready for me at the door. He did it so quickly, I did not have much choice. I tried my last excuse, “Hey, it started raining now. How will I go now?” He said, “So what? Kya hoga, you will get drenched. Come on Baba!

He pushed me out of my comfort zone and before I knew I was riding towards Bavdhan in rain. It was an adventure, and I reached the destination in about 40 minutes. The moment I reached there, I experienced a lot of satisfaction that I could do it. I was pleasantly surprised at my own effort 🙂

We all need someone who believes in us and pushes us a little bit out of our comfort zone. What do you think?

Are you willing to nudge someone today to try something new (scary)?

Are you willing to get pushed out of your comfort zone today?

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