Passion to Profession | Conversation with Sushant Bothe

Are you thinking about converting your passion into a profession?

Then this video is a MUST watch for you.

In this video, I am in conversation with my client Sushant Bothe. He followed his passion for football and started his football coaching academy in Pune. He took the leap of faith and in his own words, “he landed on his own feet” safe, sound, and happy 🙂

Sushant contacted me to find a new career or business path after having spent a decade in the translation field. It was to reinvent himself and do something he loved as a job.

The shift in his mindset was that business is not the vast uncharted territory he thought it was. It is doable with careful planning and risk-taking. Also, he learned to follow his passion and trust his instinct.

He took new actions like going out of his way to talk to people, make connections, always give his best in his business, and not expect immediate returns.

The results were slow and steady, but he grew to 45 students and 3 batches before the second lockdown. And he gained a whole lot of trust in his ability to be an entrepreneur.

He followed his passion, believed in himself, and created a new career and new life.

What is one action you can take today to follow your passion?


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