What are your reasons for stopping yourself?

Am I worthy of applying for a senior role?

During our recent coaching conversation, one of my clients, a senior manager with a top multinational company showed me a job posting with Google and said, “this is a really exciting position. I match most of the requirements and qualifications. In fact, I have more experience in some of the areas they mentioned. Do you think I can apply for this position?”

I asked, “what is the doubt in your mind?

He responded, “the doubt is, am I worthy of applying for such a senior position at such a big company?

To state the facts, the company he works for is bigger than Google.

He continued, “I feel like I am playing gully cricket and I am trying to jump to international cricket. That creates doubt and fear.

I asked with a smile, “Hmmm. Now, I am curious if you have been playing gully cricket, how do you match the requirements and qualifications mentioned in the job posting?

His eyes popped up, he paused for a few seconds, and then he smiled.

Then he said, “for years I have been stopping myself giving this reason or the other. I am happy that I am realizing it now. I will go ahead now.

What are your reasons for stopping yourself?

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