What are your Triggers?


What are your Triggers?

I was at the bicycle shop a few days ago to pick up my son’s cycle given for repairs & servicing. It was Sunday evening, and the shop was crowded. I got the cycle checked and rushed to the payment counter where an elderly gentleman was sitting. I asked him for the scanner code and proceeded to make the payment. At that moment, the gentleman shouted, “Raju, kitna paisa lena hai?” I looked at him and said, “It is seven hundred.” He said, “Muzhe confirm karne doh.”

I got upset, wondering why this man is not believing me? I started an argument with him which continued for the next 10 minutes. I stormed out of the store fuming and the mood continued for the next few hours.

The next day morning, when I reflected back on the incident, I started asking myself, “What was the reason for my upset? The man was doing his job.” Maybe I took it personally that the man does not trust me, and I reacted angrily. I thought to myself if something like this happens next time, can I take a deep breath and let it go?

All of us have some triggers, things that make us angry or upset almost instantly & automatically. What are your triggers?

What is happening?

What do you want to do about it?

What actions can you take?

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