What can we learn from Rocket science that will help us grow in our careers and life?

What can we learn from Rocket science that will help us grow in our careers and life?

Rakesh (name changed) is a senior professional with Ph.D. in technology, a researcher, and works with one of the largest IT MNC’s. Together we have been working on his career growth goals. He has been feeling stuck in his career and he told me, “I have all the qualifications, I work hard and still things don’t seem to be going well for me. I don’t know what’s the problem?”

I said, “Let’s take the example of a rocket launch and see what makes it work, shall we do that?” Jeff Bezos recent space travel was on my mind 🙂

Rakesh said with excitement, “Sounds like a good idea!

I asked, “What are the critical elements for a rocket to launch and go into the desired orbit?

He said, “First we have to pull up against the Earth’s gravity, then there has to be a super powerful fuel powering the launch and the direction has to be right so that it moves upwards and not sideways.

Spot on, he is a scientist!

Here’s is what we both learned from the discussion that followed:

1.Take care of Gravity within: We need to become aware and take care of thoughts that pull us down. Limiting beliefs, self-doubts, thought patterns, and habits that are not useful.
2. The fuel of burning desire: What’s your dream, what’s your goal? Are you really committed to that? Why is it important for you?
3. The right direction: Are your mindset, thoughts, actions and habits aligned to your goal? Or else the rocket will fall sideways.

Now I know what I need to work on to resolve my career stagnation.” Rakesh said with a smile on his face.


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