What is Horizontal Growth?

What to do when you are feeling “stuck” in the current role?

Stagnation is not a good feeling; it feels like you have hit a glass ceiling and don’t know what to do about it. It starts impacting confidence and motivation.

In my own career journey, I faced this situation a few times. I remember how frustrated I was when that happened. I felt confused and demotivated.

Many of my clients approached me when they were going through a phase of their career where they felt that they stopped growing, felt stagnated, and had no clue how to break the barriers.

Is there a solution to this problem? And the answer is YES.

Here, I am sharing one of the proven ways to break the barrier.

Stop thinking traditional linear career path and start exploring Horizontal Growth!

Traditionally, professional growth meant “vertical” growth through promotion, moving up the hierarchy. With many organizations adopting a flat or lean hierarchy this option is no longer working.

Actively start looking at “horizontal” growth, instead.

What is horizontal growth?

It means exploring opportunities in new areas in your organization, moving into a new department, moving into a new role, or moving to a new industry.

Does it mean you have to start from the bottom?

Not at all. Identify the transferable skills you have using the job description, self-analysis, and assessments. A professional coach can help you a great deal in this process. Then you can effectively leverage your skills, expertise, and experience in the new areas.

In fact, you will be valued for the new ideas and perspectives you bring based on your experience.

Why is this helpful for your professional growth?

Horizontal growth gives you exposure to new areas that you had not explored before. This gives you opportunities to develop new skills and work in new technologies, domain areas, and markets.

This is beneficial for your overall professional development because when you develop skills across multiple areas of your business, you will open up new avenues for opportunities that were not available before.

Many years ago, when I opted for a challenging assignment in China, I got the opportunity to work in new geography, new culture, and higher responsibilities to handle. During this assignment, I got to interact with a lot of CXOs from top global companies. It was a great learning experience for me, one that I cherish for life.

Additionally, the organization will appreciate and encourage your horizontal move because it gives them an opportunity to redeploy high-performing employees into new growth areas. So, it’s a big win-win for both the employer and the employees.

So, if you are feeling stuck in your current role, look beyond traditional vertical growth and start exploring horizontal growth options.

What are your thoughts? What horizontal options you can possibly explore today?

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