What systems have you created for yourself?

Are you unhappy about the results you are getting? Then congratulate YOURSELF for designing a perfect system that is giving you these results.

I was fascinated to read this distinction in one of Rich Litvin’s articles and I was astonished to see, yeah, he is right, we all do this.

We are getting what we really want. We find it convenient to blame others, the environment, and so on.

This is what happened in one of my recent coaching conversations…

“In spite of my experience, knowledge, and talent I don’t get a good opportunity in my organization. Other people seem to be getting all those.” Pradeep mentioned with an unhappy tone and worried face.
“you told me that you got this big opportunity recently to lead a new enterprise program and they told you that you will be the CTO for this new program. Isn’t that true?”

He said, “Yes, but I don’t know if I can do it, how this program will turn out, will the team listen to me because I am not a domain expert, there are more experienced people on the program, I am not clear about the vision of the program…” and he continued for a few minutes talking about more problems.

Once he completed, I asked, “Do you see, you have created a perfect system for the results you are getting?”

He looked confused.

I added, “A few weeks back you were complaining about not getting an opportunity, now you got this big opportunity which you were excited about and now you have created a dozen reasons why this will not work for you. Now, you are telling yourself you are not ready or capable enough. I am just stating what I am observing and hearing from you. Tell me what you see?”

“Oh my God” Pradeep started laughing aloud.

Pradeep is not alone, we all (myself included) have created perfect systems for ourselves to keep ourselves in our comfort zones. And then we complain about not moving forward, not getting the results we want…blah, blah, blah.

What systems have you created for yourself?

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