What’s the next step in your career evolution?


What’s the next step in your career evolution?

Ashok, a senior IT consultant with 15 yrs of experience approached me a few months back to resolve his dilemma about his career next step.

In our last coaching conversation, he mentioned to me his dream to become a big businessman. He talked about his childhood when he used to run a pop-up stall during summer vacation with his friends and sell candies. He enjoyed the whole experience. During his career also he slowly moved from full-time employment to contracting when it made more business sense to him.

Then he told me, “But now I am feeling stuck. Starting a business is not easy. I have no clue where would I get clients from?” He looked puzzled.

I asked him, “What comes first, chicken or egg?

He said, “Chicken of course because it evolved as a species first and then came egg.

Of course, the discussion was not about the science of evolution. You see, it was about him.

I asked him, “If you look at your career as an evolution, what helped you evolve, and what can possibly help you evolve from here?

He responded, “Ah, that’s a great question. I never thought about it that way. Let me write down my thoughts before we meet for the next session.

What is your career evolution and what’s next for you?

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