What’s your growth story?

4 promotions in 2 weeks!

4 of my coaching clients at senior levels got promoted in the last 2 weeks. The promotions they had been waiting for years…

Career Growth success story 1

Anish (name changed) is a senior banker working as a Cluster Head in one of the top banks in India. Has been a star performer throughout his career. However, in the last few years, he was not getting the promotion he thought he was ready for. Anish gave a few internal job interviews but had no success in spite of his excellent track record. He was confused and frustrated about why things were not moving. That’s when he contacted me about 6 months back and we started working together on his goal.

First, we looked at the feedback he had received through various channels, and then I shared my feedback about what is expected at the senior level. Together we identified 1) what’s working well and 2) what needs to be improved. We created a clear development plan.

We also looked at his entire career journey in a very specific way to learn from it and identify his achievements and success factors.

Next, we worked on identifying his unique Strengths, and natural talents that motivate him where he gives his best performance. He became clear about how he can leverage his Strengths in his current role to be more effective and position himself for the next role. We also discussed his Weakeners (not weaknesses), the areas that drain him, and how he can work around them.

We identified that even though Anish’s track record was excellent, he was not up to the mark in presenting it. We did a few mock presentations, and I gave him feedback to improve his impact. It made a huge difference to his presentation style, communication, and his confidence.

Next, we worked on creating a Vision for the next level role. We worked together on identifying the critical selection factors for the new role. Also, he became very clear about how he can use learning from his past, and leverage his success factors and Strengths that will make a difference in the role.

All of these preparation stages boosted his confidence immensely and eliminated his anxiety & frustration.

The next internal job interview cracked the deal for him. Congrats, and it’s time for a celebration!

What’s your growth story?

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